FAST MSearch

wml imageFAST MSearch is a WAP search engine that is not usually available on a public url. FAST prefers to sell their search technology to mobile carriers (I’m not sure which carriers). It is a shame that FAST is not more widely available as it is THE best WAP search engine I have seen. It seems to have a database of WAP sites that is more complete than even Google’s and doesn’t return the duplicate hits that plague Google’s mobile search. It’s not perfect however, many searches fail with a compile error on OpenWave 4.n browsers. This link may not be around for long as it appears to have been set up to demo FAST MSearch – possibly to a prospective client. I find these links occasionally and will post them whenever I find them. These demo links usually stay up for two or three weeks. Enjoy it while you can.

Update: down 6/17/2005
Update: Back up at a new url 10/01/05
Update: down again 02/04/06 – But try Sensis Search which uses FAST’s engine.
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