The 41st Carnival Of The Mobilists

 Carnival of the Mobilists Justin Oberman’s hosting the latest Carnival at mopocket. You’ll enjoy Justin’s original and rather funny introduction to the Carnival.

Once again there is much good reading in the Carnival. I particularly liked Kevin Evan’s item about Sprint PCS’ WiMax plans, Tam Hanna’s analysis of what’s happening with Palm, Access and the forthcoming Linux based Access/Palmsource OS and Rudy De Waele’s Connecting Cultures Through Music, which Justin chose as Post of the Week. But that’s just me, there are over a dozen great articles in this week’s Carnival covering all aspects of the mobile world. Congratulations to Rudy who’s now in the running for the $250 dollar prize that goes to the Post of the Month, sponsored by Khosla Ventures.
I’m also pleased that my Yelp Mobile piece was included in this week’s Carnival.

Visit The 41st Carnival of The Mobilists, you won’t be disappointed.