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Carnival RSS Reader ScreenshotRussell Buckley from MobHappy together with FreeRange Comunications have created a special Carnival of the Mobilists Mobile RSS Reader. The reader is a free version of FreeRange’s FreeReader which costs $20/year. The Carnival Reader is preconfigured to keep you synced up with 15 of the bloggers who contribute regularly in the Carnival of the Mobilists. I’m pleased that this blog is one of 15. There’s more about the reader at the Mobilist’s Site.

You can download the Java ME Reader directly to your phone from If you prefer side-loading, the .jad and jar files along with a Palm OS .prc and a couple of Blackberry versions are all here.

I downloaded it to my Motorola i855 and can report that it works quite well indeed. For some reason I got errors with the MIDP 2.0 version even though the i855 supports 2.0. The MIDP 1.0 version does work for me. I’m not sure what I’m missing with the lower version as it seems very full featured with adjustable font size and lots of other tweaks. No tweaking is actually needed either, just install and go.

The Mobilsts included in the Reader are:

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