YoMoBlog Screenshot I’m trying out YoMoBlog, a very cool mobile blogging tool from Dave Winer. It works with lots of blogging platforms including WordPress and Type Pad. As it’s mobile web based with a page size of only 7kb, it’s compatible with most phones.

YoMoBlog really shines when used with a device with a QWERTY keyboard. I wrote and posted the lead paragraph of this item with my Moto i855 – but not being a demon texter I wouldn’t want to write more than a few lines with a phone keypad.

To get started with YoMoBlog, head first to yomoblog.com/startup to register. Registration consists of entering your blog’s url, an email address and an existing login and password to your blog. Once you’re registered, you log into yomoblog.com, type your post, hit submit and you’ve posted to your blog. It couldn’t be simpler. YoMoBlog even lets you tag your mobile post with any of the categories you’ve set up on your blog. There is no draft mode, so what ever you’ve keyed gets posted immediately.

YoMoBlog is easy to setup and use but If you get stuck there’s on-line help and a Yahoo Group, blackberry-bloggers.

I like YoMoBlog. The interface is clean and intuitive and it seems to be compatible with most blog software and devices.

I’ve added YoMoBlog to the YesWAP mobile portal. If you’re a YesWAP user, just follow the front-page link to the RSS/Blogging page .

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