Funmin – New Cross Platform Mobile Browser Game Site

Funmin Bejeweled (actually SameGame) in Synbian Anna browser

Funmin is a new mobile online game site featuring a dozen games.  There are puzzle, math and board games including Sudoku and Samegame (mis-labeled as Bejeweled).

Funmin calls them Android and iPhone games. I tried the so-called Bejeweled in the Android 1.5 and 2.2 browsers and it worked well in both. So then I tried it in the bada and WebOS browsers and with the Symbian Anna and Opera Mobile 11.1 browsers on my Nokia N8 and it looked good and was playable in all.  I suspect most of these games will work  in any browser with reasonably good Javascript and CSS support.

Playing Samegame in all the mobile browsers was fun and shows just how far mobile browsers and mobile web development have progressed in the last few years.

Compared with  native implementations of Samegame that I’ve tried on these devices, there is a bit more of a delay between when you tap a group of balls and when they disappear in the browser version. The delay varies, the bada browser was the quickest and the Symbian Anna one the slowest. Play was easiest with the browsers that that were either quickest or that, like the Android and WebOS browsers, gave feedback, like a focus rectangle or flash, when a touch was registered. The Symbian Anna browser had no feedback and a long enough delay that I sometimes found my stabbing repeatedly at a ball thinking the first touch hadn’t registered when it in fact had.

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