Found On The Mobile Web 253

Found on the Mobile Web is a regular WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2317 mobile sites.

onderhond Tweet9

Tech/Internet/Web Design & Development

onderhond Web front-end developer Niels Matthijs’ personal and professional blog has articles on web design plus movie reviews and a gallery on Niels’ travel photos. He recently redesigned the site using responsive design principles so that it reflows to a single column in modern mobile browsers 320 px and wider. You can read about the redesign on the site.
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Social Media/Twitter

Tweet9 Another attractive re-skinning of the dabr open source Twitter client. The eye pleasing design is inspired by the Twitter for Android app. Features include long tweets (more than 140 characters) using TwtMore, the ability to upload your Twitter profile and background images and photo uploading using the Twitter Photo Upload API.

The same author also offers a black and florid green (or pink) re-skinning of Dabr at
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TechnoBuffalo GSMArena

Tech/Tech News Sites and Blogs

TechnoBuffalo Launched in 2009, TechnoBuffalo has grown quickly to become one of the top US-based tech blogs. Content includes tech news, reviews, tech tips and lots of videos.The attractive mobile view, a custom WordPress theme, includes all the site’s content, including the videos. It works well in smartphone browsers and Opera Mini.
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Tech/Tech News Sites and Blogs

GSMArena One of the top mobile technology news sites. GSMArena’s mobile edition includes the three most popular features of the desktop site; the latest mobile news, handset reviews and a comprehensive database of mobile phone specifications.
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Wattpad Touch Notesi

Entertainment and Leisure/Literature

Wattpad Touch Touchscreen version of the Wattpad eBook site. Wattpad is a community of readers and authors where anyone can publish stories for all to read. Wattpad has native book reader apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Java ME and you can also read online using a reader webapp on the site. There’s also a version of optimized for feature phones at
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Notesi A free service providing secure, private, cloud based storage for your browser bookmarks. Notesi makes your bookmarks available in all your browsers on all your devices.
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CNN Political Ticker ICTs for Development


CNN Political Ticker With the US presidential election year in full swing, CNN’s political blog is jumping. The mobile friendly site is updated throughout the day with current US political news and analysis.

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ICTs for Development From researchers at the University of Manchester’s Centre for Development Informatics, ICTs for Development covers the use information and communication technologies to encourage socio-economic development.
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FAILFaire Nature

FAILFaire The blog of FAILFaire, a conference focused on learning from failed ICT4D projects.

ICT4D is an acronym for “information and communication technologies for development” which means using technology, especially computers, web and mobile, to enable and encourage socioeconomic growth and human rights. Examples include the One Laptop per Child Project and MedAfrica, which lets rural users connect to doctors and medical information using basic mobile phones.

Not all projects are successes. FAILFaire aims to help ICT4D professionals and participants learn how to succeed by analyzing what didn’t work.
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Nature Founded in 1869, Nature is one of the most respected scientific journals in the world. It publishes original research from all branches of science as well editorials, book reviews and feature articles of interest to the scientific community.

Nature’s desktop website got a responsive design” makeover yesterday and now adapts itself to mobile viewport widths.  Unlike most responsive designs which work in both landscape and portrait orientation, Nature seems to expect mobile users to view the site in landscape only. The site’s layout looked rather jumbled to me in portrait using the Android Gingerbread, Symbian Belle, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers but was find when I switched to landscape. Via: @Microflash
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