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Eater is a hyperlocal blog network covering dining and drinking in what it calls the US’ “most important food cities” which according to Eater are New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Louisville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. There are separate Eater sites for each of those cites plus one for the state of Maine and the canonical Eater National site which aggregates content from the city specific sites.

Eater is written in a lively, irreverent style with coverage that includes restaurant and watering hole reviews, chef interviews and color pieces like one on the drunkest cities in America (I would have expected New Orleans or Milwaukee to top that list but Boston is winner with an amazing 20.1% of its population classified as binge drinkers).

The Eater Network is part of the larger Curbed network which also includes Curbed, a network of local real estate blogs, and Racked covering shopping and fashion. The Eater network started in 2004 by Gawker Media alumnus Lockhart Steele and is one of the view remaining successful high-traffic blog networks that hasn’t been acquired by AOL.

Eater uses separate desktop and mobile templates. Something resembling browser sniffing redirects mainstream mobile browsers to the mobile template at or for a city specific eater a sub-domain like or  However the mobile redirection isn’t very smart or user friendly and sends Mobile IE, Mobile Firefox, Nokia N9 and feature phone users to the desktop site even if they explicitly enter the m. subdomain version of the URL.


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