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mjoy HomepageHere is a new service that promises to make sending and receiving text messages free, and that includes international texting. It’s called mjoy and is a product of German based, Venista Group. I tried the service and it works and is free, although there are some limitations. Your SMS are free because they are sent from a mobile (or PC) web interface. So they are only “free” if you have an unlimited data plan or stay within the limits of your data bundle.

Here’s how it works:
1. Sign up at mjoy.com using your mobile or PC browser. Initial registration asks for your country and mobile phone number.
2. You will receive a text with a special sign up URL, open it in your mobile browser and complete the registration process by choosing an ID and password.
3. Send your texts from within the mjoy mobile web app (2nd image). The person who receives the text will see that it came from your mobile number. A message reading “Text for FREE with http://mjoy.com” is appended to every message.
4. If the recipient replies to the message in the normal way, by hitting “Reply” in their phone’s inbox, replying won’t be free for them and if you pay for incoming messages it won’t be free for you to receive either.
5. If you convince your friends to sign up for mjoy then you can text with them for free using the mobile web. Messages sent to mjoy members end up in their inbox in the mjoy web app (3rd image) rather than in the phone’s SMS inbox. Web based mjoy messages can be of unlimited size and there is a nice threaded messaging interface.mjoy Send Text Screen

The killer feature of mjoy is obviously being able to send texts for free to almost anywhere in the world. mjoy is available in about 180 countries from Afganistan to Zimbabwe including the US, Canada, all of Europe, India, China, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and even Cuba. The only country I noticed as missing was North Korea.

None of this is exactly new; GizmoSMS, text4Free and txtDrop all offer similar services, but only from a “full web” site rather than a mobile one, although these sites are usable in mobile full web browsers like Opera Mini or mobile Safari. mjoy’s most direct competitor is probably the well established social network Wadja which lets members send texts for free to any number from the Wadja mobile web site.

mjoy has a nice clean texting-focused user interface, although it doesn’t seem quite finiished yet. You are supposed to be able to add your contacts to mjoy so that you don’t have to key their phone numbers every time. However, I get the message “Addressb.book service temporarily not available” when I try to use it.

I’m never completely comfortable giving my mobile numbers to new web services like mjoy. There’s always the fear that I’ll end up being bombarded with unwanted messages, possibly even premium messages. mjoy has a privacy policy and a terms of service page. I far as I could determine from the legalese, mjoy won’t send you premium messages but will send notifications of new messages in your inbox, which if you pay for incoming messages, kind of defeats the whole free messaging thing.

mjoy InboxOne limitation of mjoy for me is that your account is linked to a single phone number. You can change the number and when you do mjoy sends a text to the new number with a link to validate that number. I’d like to see something more like the way GrandCentral works, were you can set up multiple numbers on your account and switch between them instantly as you switch phones.

mjoy is ad supported. There are a couple of ads on each page of the site but no ads embedded in messages. There is also a search page included as a part of mjoy which offers Google, YouTube and Amazon search. The Amazon results include affiliate codes so mjoy gets a small percentage of the cost of anything you buy through them.

Sending texts through messaging aggregators and carrier gateways costs real money, a couple cents per SMS. I don’t see how mjoy can cover this cost with just Adsense and Amazon affiliate revenues. Venista plans to add social networking features and more online shopping including the sale of wallpapers, ringtones and full track music downloads, which should generate considerably more income.

Free messaging is a tough business but could be viable if  used as a “hook” to drive customers to other non-free services. I hope mjoy can make it work as messaging is one of the biggest ripoffs in mobile with most carriers in the US now charging 20 cents for each message sent or received. I’d love to see someone provide a viable free or low cost alternative. Source: HDvoice

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  1. pls help me to complete my registration, i found it difficult completing my registration

  2. I want to log-in, but I do not know where to log-in in this mjoy.the only page that its opening to me is the registration page.Kindly show me step by step on how to log-in and from where I can start sending messages..

    (2)On the setting section, I theres no highlightings of the space to set my names etc, so subsequently, I can’t do resetting, how should I go about this please

    (3) Can I post the same messages to so many people at the same time?

    (4) How many words per text messages please?

    • This post is 2 1/2 years old. I haven’t used mjoy in over 2 years. I took a quick look at it just now it doesn’t seem to have changed much. Based on memory and a few minutes playing with the site:

      1. You can only log in and using a mobile phone browser. If you only see the registration form either you are using a PC browser or you haven’t validated your account by clicking the link that was sent to you by text. If you never got the text you need to contact [email protected]

      2. You can only add contacts on the mobile site and only after you validate your registration

      3. Messages can only be sent to one person at a time

      4. Message size is unlimited

      Also, The mjoy mobile site has become very, very slow and frustrating to use.

  3. For my own xpirience mjoy is convenient to use,4 my opera mini 4.0 m0dified nokia 6230 in ill use it til n0w there s0 easy way 4 using it! So guys iwish this service for long n lsting hehe

  4. helo guys help me plz i’m done with first step but i didn’t get any sms to confrm account what can i do

  5. hi hellow guys pls help what should i do i already registered at mjoy as i received the configuration and open the web the result is could not locate server,what can i do?pls help me guys so that i have an access how to txt free with mjoy.

  6. Hello thank you for the review, but I have a question regarding the receiver of the text from mjoy. If I am using mjoy from the u.s. with the t-mobile carrier and decide to send a text to a person in the Philippines who obviously has a different carrier and does NOT have internet access and therefore does not have an account with mjoy, however that person does have some sort of texting plan. Will that person be charged for international text and will he be able to reply to my text? (or will I able able to receive his reply)

    • I’ve not heard of any carrier charging extra to receive international texts. In the Philippines, like almost everywhere except North America, all domestic and international texts should be free to recieve.

      If a person without an Mjoy account replies to a text they will be charged the normal price including an extra charge if the recipient is international.

      Mjoy members can reply at a lower Mjoy price (I don’t think it’s free anymore – the review is from two years ago).

  7. Yes … I’m using Opera mini … but I don’t know what’s wrong :( U still use it, and it runs successfully ?

  8. After typing the message and my friend’s phone number … It always appears the message “Message is empty”… What’s wrong ?

  9. Pls help i cant log in to the second option,is is my number [email removed] Nigeria. this is the first message sent to me

    please i cant creat it

    [link to personalized Mjoy password reset page removed]

    • According to the link you sent me it sounds like an Mjoy account is already assigned to your phone, probably by someone who previously had your number (operators recycle phone numbers). Did you try clicking “yes” (green checkmak) like it says on the page?

      If that doesn’t work you need to contact Mjoy support at [email protected]

  10. i’m done with steps 1 and to but 1 did not receive any reply.i tried and tried and said ther are too many request from me..where are the replys now? pls help..

  11. i want to register to mjoy and am having problem with it somebody help me please?

  12. at first i have problem registering to enjoy, and i tried again the next day.. and wow, congratulation.. hehehe..
    i have now my unli txt msg..

    friends, how can we gain credits, and how credits work???????


  13. The present format make the sight difficult no log in only join men look into it

  14. I’ve registered already , 2 steps i’ve done, but no further information. where the response goes to?


  16. i just join in mjoy, but i didnt hava mssges from mjoy. im sure i fill my correct number.

  17. I av complete d 1st reg nd they av sent me d link but i dnt kno hw 2 make use of it 2 go ahead wit my reg,i wnt 2 benefit frm d mjoy

  18. Is anyone getting access to Mjoy withfirefox , I have been using the wmlbrowser plugin for the last 3months with firefox no problems , however just lately no i get “HTTP Status 404 -type Status report message description The requested resource () is not available. Apache Tomcat/6.0.20”

    • http://mjoy.com works fine from my mobile phone. With a PC I get the signup page
      To use it Mjoy from a PC try installing the User Agent Switcher Firefox plugin with a mobile User Agent like “Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.2; U; Series60/3.1 NokiaN95/12.0.013; Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML, like Gecko)” Safari/413 and then visiting the URL http://www.mjoy.com/m/login.htm

  19. hey anybody knw a site or app I can get 2 have free international texting 4 sweden?

  20. Hello please help me with my mjoy registration,
    i have done the first registration and i was instructed to enter the code that was sent to my mobile phone but when i entered those many code it wasnt taking me to mjoy website any more.
    please help me with how to get it right, it will be fun to enjoy the benefit of mjoy.

    • Mjoy is indeed a great free mobile site..And 2complete d registration,jst type in d code sent to u or follow d link sent 2u and u are ready 2snd free sms…

  21. Please how can i use mjoy on my PC..I only want to be using it on my PC..Pls give me the link to do this..Thank

  22. Those names GizmoSMS, text4Free and txtDrop did not work for me to send free SMS to India. I used following:
    Send FREE SMS India. It works great for me.

    Also, their FREE MMS India worked well to me to contact my friend back home for free.

  23. Hi, can i log in using a desktop? I can`t find the log in box. Email the answer or sms [phone number removed]

  24. Did you add a Mobile user agent to the User Agent Switcher and select it before visiting mjoy.com? Do that and it should work.

    I just tried with the N95 user agent:

    Mozilla/5.0 (SymbianOS/9.2; U; Series60/3.1 NokiaN95/12.0.013; Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 ) AppleWebKit/413 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/413

    And I got the mobile site. You can use that user agent.

    Open UA Switcher (In the Firefox Tools Menu click “Default User Agent”)
    Choose “Edit User Agents”
    Click “New” then “New User Agent”
    Paste the above into the User Agent field.
    Enter “N95” in the description field.
    Click “OK”

    Open UA Switcher again
    Choose “N95”
    Go to mjoy.com
    And you should see the mobile site.

  25. i have downloaded the user agen switch add-on on my firefox but still cant open mjoy like it does on phone. pls how do i make use of the plug-in i downloaded

  26. Mjoy used to be unlimited, but since last year you can only send 5 SMS per day. To send more you have to wait a day or earn credits by clicking ads or posing in your Mjoy mini-blog.

    Free forever? I doubt it, nothing lasts forever.

    A lot of people have trouble with the registration texts. They are probably blocked by some operators.

    There’s nothing to download. Mjoy is a website that works in any browser, PC or mobile. If you use Mjoy on your phone be sure you have a data plan or it will cost you more (in data charges) than just sending regular texts.

  27. this sounds good but i’d like more info … the site saide FREE TEXT TO ANY PHONE ALWAYS??? how ture is this and is it always free to text?? also a friend of mine tried to use this and didn’t get an e mail or text or anything.. if someone would tell me the details please…

    Grazie(thank you)

    can you download this to any phone???

    thanks you for your help

  28. hi, friends i use mjoy its so cool .
    its work only in ucweb and you all download ucweb from ucweb.com .
    reg. only complete in phone default brouser.
    so enjoy .)))))

  29. I use njoy in turkey and have nokia e71 mobile.Interestingly i can t load mjoys main page to my mobile.why?

  30. It looks like the credit system is new.

    I found an Mjoy press release ( http://www.prlog.org/10239207-new-bonus-system-rewards-mjoy-users-with-free-sms-text-messages.html ) that says;

    Users “… gain credits by surfing mjoy’s various offers, by posting personal news or participating in mjoy’s micro-blogging widget “Post it!”, by purchasing from mjoy’s online partners, and more.

    Users also get a reload when they’re out of credit once a day so they can keep using the site with benefit.”

    So it sounds like you get new credits once a day and can get more by posting on your Mjoy micro blog or clicking ads.

    As for the rates I can’t find them listed anywhere but based on your experience it looks like it’s 8 credits for domestic and 21 credits for international.

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