People Magazines’s Mobile Site Mobile - Photo PagePeople Magazine is a US weekly print magazine that is a top seller on newsstands.  Owned by Time Inc., People is known for its celebrity coverage and human interest stories. People Magazine bids aggressively for interviews and exclusive rights to photos and has scored a number of scoops including the first photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby and Jenifer Lopez’ twins.

The magazine has a popular website at and recently  launched a mobile website,  The mobile site mirrors the content of with about 100 “news” stories about movie and TV stars and other celebrities, around the same number of celebrity photos plus a dozen movie, music, TV show and book reviews.  There are also supposed to be videos in both Windows Media and mpeg4 formats, however the half dozen links I tried all returned “File Not Found” errors.

Other than the broken video links the site is well done from a design and usability standpoint.  Page sizes, photo width, video format and markup (xhtml or wml) are all optimized to match the capabilities of your handset. Source:

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Ratings: Content: ***** Usability: XXX__

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