Carnival of the Mobilists #54

 Golden Swamp Warbler ImageThis weeks Carnival is at Golden Swamp, Judy Breck’s blog devoted to encouraging the use of the Internet, including the mobile Internet, in education. Golden Swamp is an intriguing site and I encourge readers to not only visit the Carnival there but to take a look around.

The Carnival of the Mobilists is a weekly post featuring the best submitted writing on mobile topics as chosen and showcased by the current host. Each week the Carnival moves to a new site. By following the Carnival you get exposed to varied viewpoints of the mobile universe as well as new mobile themed sites to add to your newsreader or blogroll. Visit Carnival # 54 and look around the Golden Swamp.

If you’d like to learn how to participate in the Carnival as a contributor or host visit the Carnival headquarters at where you will also find links to the Carnival schedule and to past Carnivals.