Shralp! Cell Phone snowboard videos

 Shralp Video Image is a one year old snowboarding video blog (vlog) site. Shralp releases a new video every Sunday. You can view the videos in your browser on the Shalp! PC site. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the videos. These are not your typical YouTube amateur videos. Production values are high and the images visually exciting.

Shralp seems to “get” the potential of mobile video too. Right from the beginning, Shralp! has had a companion mobile web site and has offered mobile formatted videos for download on their main site. The mobile formats are .mp4 averaging 9 to 14 MB and 176×144 .3gp running from 2 to 3 MB. There are also higher quality formats for iPod, Zune and other media players.

Shralp’s mobile site at offers all 41 of the .3gp formatted Shralp vodcasts. Two or three megabytes is a large file for .3gp. Be sure to head the warning on Shralp’s mobile site,

“Attention! If you don’t have a flat rate – downloading might be expensive!”

Sideloading is a good alternative if your are on a metered plan or you have a carrier like Verizon that blocks it customers from streaming or downloading off-portal videos.

Shralp Mobile is on the Sports page at the mobile portal.

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