Can’t Download Opera Mini? Here’s Some Help

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This is the fifth in a series of Opera Mini Tips and Tricks posts.  This one covers the situation where you get an error trying to download Opera Mini.  The Opera developers have gone to a lot of trouble to make Mini a generic Java ME application that will work on as many phones as possible.  Most of the time installing Opera Mini is simply a matter of visiting with your phone’s built-in browser, clicking the download link and following the prompts.  Unfortunately, with some phones and/or mobile operators it doesn’t work and you will get an error.  Occasionally the problem is that Opera Mini is simply not compatible with the handset but often their are workarounds.

So you got an error downloading what can you do?

First try again, there may be temporary network or server issues that are preventing the download from completing.  If retrying didn’t work, what’s the error?

  • If it’s “media not supported”  “Forbidden”, “Content not Supported”, “This file cannot be viewed on the device”
    • Are you using an iDEN phone (Motorola i465, i680, etc.)? These phones do not support over the air downloads.  If you are in the US and your phone is on Nextel or Boost Mobile, use to send Opera Mini directly to your phone.  SouthernLINC, Telus Mike and non-US iDEN operators customers can use a cable and the iDEN JAL loader to transfer Opera Mini to their phone.
  • The error is “Missing IBM Java VM Please ensure that IBM’s WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM is installed.” This error occurs on Palm OS devices if you haven’t installed the Java JVM. To fix,  download the JVM from (mirror). The download is zip file. Extract it on your PC and HotSync J9JavaVMMidp20.prc, j9pref.prc, JavaVMCheck_enEN.prc, fileconnect.prc, pimop.prc and PIMPrefs.prc to your Palm, then download the Opera Mini .prc file from and HotSync it. Before launching Opera Mini for the first time go to Prefs on the Palm, scroll down to Other,  choose IBM Java VMand set the following:
    • Memory Maximum: 4-32 MB (32MB seems to work for most models but if you get crashes try lowering it).
    • Maximum Java Thread Stack Size: 32 Kb.
    • Check “Use Double Buffering
    • On Hi-Res devices (All Palm OS 5 devices except the Treo 600), check ‘Use high resolution coordinates‘.
  • If the download succeeded but you get “Failed to connect…” when you run Opera Mini see, Solving Opera Mini Connection Problems.
  • “901” or “Insufficient Memory” – try removing your phone’s battery for a minute or two then replacing it and restarting for a clean boot.  It you still get the error try a lower memory version of Opera Mini.  Both 3.1 versions use less memory than 4.2 with the 3.1 low memory version using the least.
  • 905″, “attributes mismatch“, “908” or “Incompatible Configuration or Profile” – Usually means that your are trying to install a MIDP2 version on a phone that only supports  MIDP1. This won’t happen if you are downloading from and you phone model is detected.  If Opera doesn’t detect your phone,  You can find the MIDP1 (labeled as “basic”) versions at
  • “904”,  “JAR size mismatch”, “905″, “Attribute mismatch“, “Content size mismatch”, “906” and “Invalid Descriptor Attribute Format” all indicate that the phone thinks there is something wrong with the Java Application Description (JAD) file.  This error is rare with Opera Mini but often occurs when installing applications from other vendors whose developers are sloppy.  It also occurs with some Sprint LG phones that have a bug which prevents them from recognizing certain valid JAD constructs.  The workaround in all cases is to use a third party OTA installer which recreates the JAD file in a generic format.  Rumkin works well with US carriers especially Sprint.
  • 903″ ,  “network timeout“, “907″ or “server error” – These errors indicate network problems which are often temporary. Try again later
  • 909″,  “Application Authentication failure” , “910″ or “Application authorization failure” – Your phone doesn’t like Opera Mini’s certificate.  If you are on Sprint or are using a BlackBerry you must use the unsigned versions, otherwise try the other signed versions first with the unsigned as a last resort. For a description of the various Opera Mini versions and where to find them see the “How do you install Opera Mini?” section in the first Opera Mini Tips and Tricks post.

Good luck and share your successes and any Opera Mini tricks you have discovered by leaving a comment.

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  1. whenever i download apps on ma samsung chat 222it goes to ma fone memory nd not memory card i need help cos ma phone memory is full n i dont wanna delete any item

    • When you start a download Opera Mini displays a drop down where you can choose where you want to sownload the file to. If you don’t see the sd card in the list, click or tap “Other” and it should be listed. It might be labeled e: or Mass memory rather than SD card.

  2. hi.
    i have chat 222 whenever i download apps or games it gives error that downloading failed jar are invalid what can i do please reply???????

    • Lots of phones can’t install jar files only jad. In fact the Java ME spec only supports installing jad files So download the jad version of the app rather than the jar and it should work. Also not all apps are compatible with all phones.

  3. pls each time i try to download more than 100mb from anysite via my operamini,it won’t download,it seems operamini in general has a download limit

  4. I manage to download operamini 4.3 using nokia 6230 but it fails to install as it gives an error ‘null pointer exception’ please help me.

  5. hey dennis! my phone is a samsung s5233w star. at first i can download as many games as i can. but now i see that whnever i download a game an it gets failed i see that my phone memory decreases. from now my phone memory is 0. and also i cant connect to samsung pc suite. why is it? please help.

    • I’m not familiar with that phone. Can you delete some of the games to create some free space? If not you probably need to hard reset the phone to factory defaults, which should delete everything.

  6. i hv samsung chat 222. whenever i use to download any application. it gives an error that downloaded jars are invalid. what is this hw it will be fixed?

  7. i have used all those links which you are stated in the answer. finally i reset my phone and again i used that links then also it is not downloading. dennis pls help me out from this condition.

  8. i have samsung chat e222. prblm is that when i go to downld operamini it doesn’t downld successfully. by showing jar are invalid so will u pls tell me which file supports to my phone

  9. i am useing bb 9630 and operamini 6.1.problem is 3 mb download can i download large file on blackberry 9630 useing operamini.

    please help me sir

  10. hi i have us celluar and i have a samsung character phone and i cant seem to download opera mini when i try to download them i just get alot of code

  11. How cme each time a stil get a grey pop-up screen wth ‘dwnld faild’?mega heelp

  12. Dennis, i have little problem with opera mini 6 for symbian.. I use nokia.. My opera dose not opene some site exm.

    • Opera Mini doesn’t work with every site and there are currently problems with using it to access most Indian Government sites. . If it doesn’t work there’s nothing you can do. Try a different browser such as Bolt, UC Browser or the Nokia browser.

  13. i hv samsung chat e222 opera says jar invalid. download cancel what to do?

  14. sir can u help me i download picts and small mp3 files but when i was downloading videos i have some error why

    • Does your phone have a video player? When Opera detects a video download it opens if with the phone’s media player. If the phone doesn’t have video capabilities you will get an error

  15. Dennis, plz plz can u suggest me a shortcut way.. I have near 220 pages i count.. Also the way u suggest it worked but there little problem, its hard to detect the replaced page within save pages option in application also u cant rename the replaced savepage..

  16. Dennis, i have little problem with opera mini 6 for symbian.. I use nokia 5233.. Recently when i was using cleaner in my pc i forget to take out my memory card so cleaner deleted all the cookies and temp file of my opera mini.. After that opera mini dun i backup my savepage and uninstall it.. After installing opera mini 6 again and replacing the old save pages in savepage folder the save pages not showing in my opera mini.. What should i do, dennis..? Thanks in advance..^_^

    • One possible cause is that pages saved with one version of Opera Mini aren’t compatible with a different version of Opera Mini.
      If you replaced Opera with the same version then maybe the saved pages folder changed for some reason. Try saving a new page and making sure it ends up in the same folder as the old saved pages.

    • Thanks for ur reply dennis.. Yeah its same version..also the save page folder not changed..i just put the files in that folder but it not recognizing those saves.. Would i have to edit any .ini files within system -> apps -> operamini thats where the savepage folder located..^_^

    • A user named m00ps posted the following on the Opera Mini forum:

      1. Save a new page in Opera Mini 6
      2. Locate the Saved Pages folder (not the one you saved yourself).
      3. Note down or copy the filename of the saved page.
      4. Go into your own saved page folder and rename one of the files to the name you just copied.
      5. Move the old file with the new name into Opera Mini’s Saved Pages folder. You’ll get a message informing you that a file with that name already exists, and it’ll ask if you’d like to replace it.
      Select Yes.
      Opera Mini should now read that file and be able to open it.
      You’ll have to do that for each saved page.”

      Seems like it’s worth a try

    • Ohh dear dennis, thanks so so much.. Thats a great idea.. I had near 200 save pages.. Ohh its gonna a very busy days.. Thanks for ur care..wish u good luck and take care urself there..^_^

  17. I got a problem with my nokia 6500 slide, hv bn using operamini 6.0, 5.1, and 4.3 for the last 8months, i unfortunatly deleted operamini bt when i tried 2 dwnld it, msg came tellin me no certificate on phone or sim. Plz help.

  18. i am using nokia 6151. i didn’t have any problem either in surfing internet or downloading by opera mobile browser. But somedays ago i accidently deleted my opera browser and then again installed it.i found that this opera browser was integrated with a local renowned mobile service brand named Grammen phone. now my problem is that whenever i try to download anything or click a download link, it takes me to a site(not a site actually, theres only “Go to, Bookmarks, Tools, and home link of grammen phone) i don’t understand what the problem is! i downloaded the original opera version (not the integrated grammen phone one) but its no use.. everytime i want to download anything the above mentioned page appears.
    please help.

  19. i have a chinese phone..i think it doesn’t support java……..browser frequently says insufficient memory……….and webpage gets terminated………….pls help…………….

  20. I have a rumor touch…I downloaded opera mini, pretty cool…heres the problem when i go to opera mobile store to dl any of the free apps it says…access denied? I cant afford a really cool phone rite now so the rumor touch is smart enough why cant i get any apps tho?

  21. Good day. I use a Nokia 6500 slide. I had used opera mini 5 on my phone and it worked properly. All of a sudden,things went blank and then it just refused to open the application stating that it was invalid. I got to know that the certificate had expired. I don’t want to download an unsigned versioned because I would not be able to access files in my phone. Isn’t there another way out? Can’t I download auhority certificates for this cause? Where can I download an unsigned version if there is none?

    • I’m surprised that a relatively recent phone like the 6500 Slide would have an expired certificate. Why do you think it’s expired? What error do you get?

      In any case can’t download root certificates to the phone. If it really is expired try downloading the Opera Mini signed version with the other certificate (Verisign or Thwate) then the one you are using. Also, check if there’s a firmware update for the phone which might have newer certificates.

      You can download Opera Mini unsigned or signed with a choice of Verisign, Thawte or both certificates by visiting with the phone browser, scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “Select Code-Signing Certificate”

    • See… I tried that… Getting other versions. It stated that the certificate was not on the phone or SIM. Pardon my previous comment about it being expired. I would say it must have got lost somewhere. Do you think the unsigned version would wok very well with my phone? It is not only the Opera browser. It includes Nimbuzz, PES 2010 and most jar apps Although its opened e-buddy,snaptu…

    • If the phone had the certificates at one point and the firmware hasn’t been updated since the time the certificates were there a hard reset should get them back.

      Using the unsigned version may not be that bad. It depends on the phone. On my N95 I only get a security dialog when I first start the app and when once each time I upload or down a file, save a page or open a saved page. My Motorola WX400 doesn’t let me download or save pages at all with the unsigned Opera Mini.

  22. My nokia 2600c has refuse to open opera mini 4.2 after downloading and deleting severally.lastly it said meet ur network unavailable or file to large to save.what do i do?

  23. My nokia 3120classic is flashed and now the certificates for opera mini are gone. every time i try to download a signed opera mini it says that there are no certificates on your phone or sim. what must i do?

  24. when i click save button in opera mini 5.1 my mobile was hang. my mobile is samsung c3033 plz


    • Probably the phone’s security is blocking writes to the file system. If you aren’t already, try using one of the signed versions. Also Opera Mini 6 was released today. Maybe it will work better.

  25. i am using Samsung SGH-X660 i cant download the opera for my it says “failed to install” what should i do? please help me…

    • The X660 is probably too old and low spec to run Opera Mini 5.1, try 4.2 and if that doesn’t work 3.1
      If none of the versions install and you already have Opera Mini installed try deleting it and then retrying the download.

    • You delete it the same as any other insalled app – though the phone menus, which depend on your phone. Refer to the phone manual for details but generally you highlight the app you want to delete and then press a softkey labeled options, menu, edit or something similar.

  26. mine says 907 invalid JAR error: control flow verification information too large:h
    plz help

    • Go to with the phone browser.

      Click on “Other Download Options” and then under “Options for Opera Mini 5.1:” click “Select Code-Signing Certificate” and try each of the versions on the next page until you find one that works.

      If none work, do the same for Opera Mini 4.2

  27. good day everyone.i need your help.i using operamini 5.1,my problem is everytime i download mp3 and video always download failed.what should i do.pls pls help me.tnx

  28. i have an lg dare vx9700 i had opera mini before on my keybo but now when i try download it.. it says access denied

  29. i got a built-in OM4 browser with my celkon c9 mobile. but im unable to download anything like games, pic etc. saying insufficient memory downloading java(3072K). please help my mob inbuilt memory 100 MB. the prob persists with memory card also. please help

  30. sir….i m using oper mini 5 on my e71….its working fine whnever i try to save a page or download….it give an error failed to save a page or failed to download…..why is that

    • Open the Tools menu, click on Application Manager, click on Opera Mini, choose “Open” and Set “Edit user data” and “Read user data” to “Always allowed”, if possible, otherwise set them to “Ask first time”. If that doesn’t fix the problem, probably your operator is blocking downloads.

  31. In my nokia 2600c, When I first downloaded an Opera Mini 4.2, the “Out of Memory error” is rarely prompting but after I use it for 1 week, I FREQUENTLY ENCOUNTER THAT ERROR, hmm? Is there any Tweaks to clean the JAVA HEAP SIZE or anything that makes an OUT OF MEMORY ERROR?

    • You can reduce the Opera Mini’s memory usage by using Mobile View, turning off images or setting image quality to low, disabling Visual effects and avoiding sites with very large page size by using their mobile versions. Opera Mini 3.2 uses much less memory than 4.2 and may work better on a low spec device like the 2600c.

  32. im use nokia 5130xm.. And i use operam mini 5.1 for my phone.. It works finely.. But, i can’t download any video,game,or applications with shown ‘connecting error’ Only small size pic can be.. Can u help me?

  33. Does anyone know if Opera Mini with run on a Samsung SCH-R451C Provider TracFone Wireless Inc. AKA Straight Talk Which uses the Verizon network.

  34. i tried downloading opera mini via usb cable but it says access denied 000000005. what should i do to get it to download?

  35. i can download it i just cant install it it just says falieled to connect to the internet

  36. i have a virgin mobile phone and its a lg rumor touch and i cant install opera mini 5.1

  37. i have a motorola krzr k1m and it wont install opera mini, its comes up as a whole bunch of letters and numbers, can anyone help me on how to download/install opera mini?

  38. I have a lg rumor touch mine came with the app and i know our phone can download it iv seen others on youtube with the same phone and app, mine always tells me access denied. I called the company but the person on the other line didn’t know what she was doing this is starting to piss me off.

    • If the phone came with Opera Mini, I’m not sure I understand why you want to download it. Is it that it came with OM 4 and you want OM%?
      I’m guessing that your on Virgin Mobile in the US. VM blocks downloads from most URLs, for Opera Mini you must use ones that are whitelisted by Virgin – The official Virgin Mobile download URL but has OM 4 only – Has both OM 4 and OM 5, not sure this is still working with Virgin

      Also, this was posted on the Opera Mini User forum earlier this month:

      I was able to get Opera Mini 4 to install from Virgin’s default browser start page. Still unable to get Opera Mini 5 to install, I posted on and received this response, that worked perfectly:

      type this link on your Rumor Touch,
      select what version>Opera Mini 5> and hit “View Download Link”
      When selecting what file to download, click on the “.jad” file and you’re done!

  39. My handset is sony ericsson W890i and i download OM5 but it wont install it says failed to connect to internet. Pls help. tnx

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