ThrillNetwork Image is a roller coaster and amusement park fan site. The mobile edition of ThrillNetwork ( is aimed at PDAs and Smartphones and works best on devices with screens at least 220px wide and able to handle pages up to 100 KB in size including images. The site also works very in Opera Mini. If you want to visit ThrillNetwork with a typical phone’s built in browser you should probably use a transcoder like Skweezer or Google‘s.

ThrillNetwork Mobile features ride and park reviews and ratings and an amusement industry news section with announcements of new rides and parks. Registered users can comment on the news and rate and write reviews of coasters and and parks. Anyone can read the news and reviews and search for rides and parks. For each park there is a list of the major rides with links to each ride’s rating and review. The site also features several lists; top rated steel coasters, top rated wooden coasters, most visited rides and most visited parks. ThrillNetwork is great fun for anyone who enjoys amusement parks and their rides or who has children who do. Filed on the portal under Entertainment.

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