A couple of minor updates to WapReview and Yeswap.

  •  Enter Site Image In response to a request from a user, I’ve added an “Enter URL” form to YesWAP.com It seems that certain carriers, including Verizon in the US, disable the browser’s option to key in an arbitrary url on some phones – presumably to discourage users from leaving the “walled garden”. The user who wrote me was able to change his browser’s home page to point to YesWAP. On some phones without the enter site facility a workaround is to send a link to your phone in an SMS using the carrier’s Email to SMS gateway. So if you can’t enter any URL into you mobile browser but somehow can get to yeswap.com I’ve added a link to the Search page called “Enter Site”. And if you don’t care about YesWAP and just want to go straight to the Enter Site page, the url is yeswap.com/Enter.php. Enter Site should work with all phones including wml-only ones.
  • BluePulse, one of the Java ME apps I recommended to Nextel and Boost users has been updated to a new version and the one I linked to no longer works. So I’ve zipped up the latest BluePulse here for your side-loading pleasure.

One thought on “Updates…

  1. I really cherish your reviews, I like to keep up on the WAP stuff and your commentary’s are very helpful! Keep it up!

    ps, it would be nice if I could add comments from a mobile device. You very well may already, but this Nokia 6102i certainly limits capabilities on many sites.

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