Found on the Mobile Web #6

Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly Wap Review feature listing sites added to the mobile portal and directory in the past week.


StreetIQ: ( The mobile site for investment news in podcast form. Links to 20 or so recent audio files on stocks and investing from around the world.


JaJah Mobile: ( JaJah now has a mobile web version of their VOIP service. After registering at, you can use JaJah to make cheap long distance and international calls. You enter the number into the mobile site, Jahah immediately calls you back on your mobile (or landline) to complete the connection. Great for travelers – with a prepaid phone and free incoming, calling the US is pretty reasonable ($0.031 from China, $0.20/minute from most of Europe).


 CBS News ImageCBS News: ( US TV network CBS has launched a nicely done mobile news site. Layout is similar to the redesigned CBS Sportsline ( Images are resized to adapt to various mobile browser’s screen widths. The site even serves wml with wbmp images to browsers that don’t support (x)html.

News/US Local By State/GA-IL

Honolulu Star Bulletin: ( Headline news from Hawaii. Local News, Sports and Columns. An old fashion PDA style site with all articles linked off the front page. The links lead to to “print” versions of the stories which have too many large images to load completely on mainstream mobile browsers. You’ll have no problems using this site with Opera Mini though.


popurls: ( Another RSS feed mashup similar to Original Signal. This one has the 5 latest items from digg,, newsvine, reddit, google news, slashdot, fark and 11 other web 2.0‘ish sites. The actual articles are filtered through Google’s transcoder to make them mobile friendly. Unfortunately, the popurls mobile home page has almost 100 links on it – more than most built-in phone browsers can handle. 10 links is the GAP recomended maximum for usability on mobiles and what Original Signal uses. The Openwave browser on my phone gets very sluggish with more than 30 links on a page. Opera Mini and other full browsers can handle OK but if that’s the target class of browser, the Google Transcoder is redundant.


Ben’s Bargains: ( Bargain finder’s forum and coupon site. Lists hot deals – mainly on electronics. Registered users can comment on the deals from their mobiles. ( Shop or just browse the online retailer using your phone. The entire catalog appears to be available on the mobile site. Registered users can make online mobile purchases.


PGA Tour: ( Scores, schedules, interviews and articles from the world of professional golf.

Technology/Tech News

PHP Magazine Network: ( Not just PHP, links to 27 different online mobile tech magazines. Many don’t seem to be actively updated but others like AJAX Magazine and Firefox Magazine are both fresh and informative.

Travel-Transit ( A handy site for checking rental car rates and making reservations. Accepts a zip code or airport code and date range and returns a list of rentals with prices from multiple agencies. It seems to be for North America only. The results pages are on the large side (20+KB) for mobiles.


JetBlue: ( The discount US airline’s mobile web site has flight status, weather alerts and listings of in-flight entertainment, snacks and drinks.

SAS: ( Timetables, flight status and my favorite mobile air travel feature, online check-in for the Scandinavian airline.