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The National Hockey League (NHL) which is professional hockey in the US and Canada has launched a slick new mobile site at m.nhl.com.  It includes a mobile version of NHL Game Center which displays today’s games with live scores in a grid.  Clicking on a game row opens a view with a summary of scoring plays  from that game.  Game Center has a history feature that lets you to skip back a day at a time  to  see a recap of  the scoring of  completed games.  There doesn’t appear to be a way to jump directly to a specific day, however.

The site also has  news, scores, standings, statistics and photos.  There is are also  “Videos”  and “MyNHL” links which go to a “Coming Soon” page.   I wish designers wouldn’t waste clicks and bandwidth on comeons like that.  NHL Mobile adapts nicely to various devices, delivering a simple, mostly text version to basic phones, a more richly formatted one with plenty of  images, as shown in the screenshot, to phones with full web browsers like the Nokia N95 and a very nice iPhone specific  design.  Curiously, Opera Mini gets the dumbphone version. The site design is by Quatro Wireless.

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Mobile Link: m.nhl.com

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  1. Great article! The NHL and hockey are really starting to pick up an audience.

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