Google Tasks For Mobile Released

Google Tasks for Mobile

Yesterday Google launched a mobile web version of  their Beta Tasks web application.

Tasks is a Google Labs product currently.  Before you can use it on your phone you have to first go into the “standard” (not basic HTML) desktop version of gMail, click on “Settings” and then on the “Labs” tab and enable Tasks.

On the full web, Google Tasks is integrated into Gmail.  The mobile version is a stand alone page.  To view it visit (in some regions including Germany it may be necessary to use  Using Opera Mini, neither URL worked, Google took  me to a 404 page reading

“The page – – does not exist”.

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch. Update: I was able to load mobile Tasks  in Opera Mini using the URL:

There are two versions of mobile tasks. iPhones and Android devices get an enhanced one that lets you add, edit, and delete tasks and task lists, as well as mark tasks as completed. Lesser phones see a stripped down Task interface  which is missing the ability to edit or delete tasks although you can view your existing  tasks, add new tasks, and mark tasks as completed.

It’s too bad that the enhanced version is limited to iPhones and Android.  I suspect that other advanced Ajax capable  mobile browsers like S60WebKit and  Opera Mobile and maybe even Opera Mini could handle the iPhone version but Google is redirecting those browsers to the basic version. Source: Official Google Mobile Blog

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