Carnival of the Mobilists #67

Mobbile Clubbing by Madridmobs
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Welcome to the 67th edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists - a weekly showcase of the best writing on topics related to mobile phones.

The Mobile Future - We have some great items this week. To start off, many mobilists are pondering what's next in this industry that is so rapidly evolving.

Content Creation - The craft of software development as it applies to mobile.

Mobile Marketing - Marketing with mobiles is a growth industry.

  • SMS is ubiquitous and SMS based ad campaigns appear likely to be rewarding - but there are some things they just aren't suitable for as Mobhappy's Russell Buckley amusingly explains in What is it about Starbucks.
  • Comverse's Xen Mendelsohn at Xellular Identity says You're Invited! to the Fun Dial Marketing Seminar later this month. Fun Dial is her company's ringback tones product.

User Experience - Users and designers on what works and what doesn't.

Mobile Content Exploring software and services for your phone.

  • My own contribution, Mobile Search Wars Heat Up is a look at Google's mobile search redesign - how it compares to Yahoo's new oneSearch offering and why it's bad for the mobile web.
  • Michael Mace at Mobile Oportunity was very late with his post, in fact he just submitted it last night. He has apparently seen an early beta of a disruptively revolutionary mobile social networking product called Spitr that will absolutely amaze you.

That's it for now. Don't miss the next Carnival of the Mobilists - Monday, April 9th at Always On real-Time Access.