Carnival of the Mobilists #67

Mobbile Clubbing by Madridmobs
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Welcome to the 67th edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists – a weekly showcase of the best writing on topics related to mobile phones.

The Mobile Future – We have some great items this week. To start off, many mobilists are pondering what’s next in this industry that is so rapidly evolving.

Content Creation – The craft of software development as it applies to mobile.

Mobile Marketing – Marketing with mobiles is a growth industry.

  • SMS is ubiquitous and SMS based ad campaigns appear likely to be rewarding – but there are some things they just aren’t suitable for as Mobhappy‘s Russell Buckley amusingly explains in What is it about Starbucks.
  • Comverse‘s Xen Mendelsohn at Xellular Identity says You’re Invited! to the Fun Dial Marketing Seminar later this month. Fun Dial is her company’s ringback tones product.

User Experience – Users and designers on what works and what doesn’t.

  • Martin Sauter‘s enjoying great inexpensive prepaid 3G in Italy. Based on his experience and testing he offers A Real Life Comparison of HSDPA and UMTS. It’s an interesting article both technically and for what it says about the future of ubiquitous computing.

Mobile Content Exploring software and services for your phone.

  • My own contribution, Mobile Search Wars Heat Up is a look at Google’s mobile search redesign – how it compares to Yahoo’s new oneSearch offering and why it’s bad for the mobile web.
  • Michael Mace at Mobile Oportunity was very late with his post, in fact he just submitted it last night. He has apparently seen an early beta of a disruptively revolutionary mobile social networking product called Spitr that will absolutely amaze you.

That’s it for now. Don’t miss the next Carnival of the Mobilists – Monday, April 9th at Always On real-Time Access.