Found on the Mobile Web #15

Found on the Mobile Web lists sites recently added to the mobile portal and directory as well as sites that have received recent significant upgrades.


 Free RingtonesFree Ringtones ( This site claims to be the largest free ringtone site. I don’t know if that’s true but it does have 250,000 free ringtone downloads. No personal information or phone number is required to download from the mobile site or the web site, (for sideloading). Tones are in mp3 and amr formats. Both mobile and web sites are searchable and browsable by title or artist. The web site has tools and tutorials to help you create and load ringtones on your phone.

Entertainment/Mobile Video

AapkaVideo ( Another video streaming site with lots of sports highlights, music and Bollywood videos. The clips are encoded in the widely supported 3gp/h263, amr format but their large size of 3-4 MB and 288×352 px makes them best suited for 3G phones and networks. Revision3

Revision 3 ( Original videos including cooking, comedy and tech gadget coverage. Each video is available in eight different formats and quality levels to suit most any phone that can handle streaming video.

RSS-Blogging/RSS Readers

Bloglines Mobile ( Updated! If you use the option to disable the Skweeezer transcoder, it’s disabled everywhere in Bloglines Mobile. Until recently outgoing links were still Skweezed. This is great for users of “full web” browsers on 3G networks or Opera Mini on any network. Opera Mini plus Bloglines is my new favorite mobile feed reader. To set the option you have to use the PC version of Bloglines. The setting is in My Account | Feed Options | When in Bloglines Mobile, disable the use of Skweezer.


NPR ( Text only edition of Nation Public Radio’s website. Synopsizes of news stories and features from the US public broadcasting network. There are also audio clips which are in Windows Media Audio format – probably only playable on Windows Mobile devices.


Shakespeare ( The complete works of William Shakespeare on your phone, Each page is a complete scene so at around 20KB they may be too large for some phones. There’s a wml version with small pages at


CrackBerry ( Mobile edition of the popular BB site. User forum, Downloads and mobile link directory.

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  1. I love your review about Yahoo search and Google search for mobile . But, take note that since the last post, Google is making huge strides and frequent updates.

    They have added.
    – personalized content
    – a tiny mobile phone icon to denote the differences in site results.
    – and a faster search


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