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Skype Lite

Update:  As of 26-Feb-2010, Skype has discontinued both the the Skype Lite and Skype Windows Mobile clients and the download links for both products have been removed from Skype’s site.

Although they are no longer available,  Skype says that the Skype Lite and  Skype for Windows Mobile clients will continue to work at least through the end of 2010. Update: As of 11-May-2012 the Java ME client still works (I don’t know if the Windows Mobile one does or not).

I’ve archived copies of the discontinued clients for your Skyping pleasure:

Download Skype for Windows Mobile
Download SkypeLite for Java ME (Jar)
A different version of SkypeLite for Java ME: Jad Jar

You can now download the Skype “Lite” Java ME application directly to your phone.  Supported phones include most recent Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones and selected Motorola, Samsung and LG models. The site detects your phone model but doesn’t stop you from downloading the app with an unsupported phone.  Skype Lite is available in signed and unsigned versions. Download Skype Lite

Skype Lite is quite limited compared with other mobile VOIP applications like Gizmo5 and Fring. It uses your mobile voice channel (and minutes) so calls will not be free, even to Skype numbers. In addition, you can only initiate voice calls from Australia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United States and the UK.

Skype Lite is mainly useful for Skype IM and cheap international calling. You can make calls to Skype numbers anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call.  You can also call international mobile and fixed line numbers using Skype Out which will almost always be cheaper than your mobile operator’s rates.  Skype IM is fully supported and uses only data.

I like Skype and use it on my PC quite a bit. It’s far and a way the biggest free VOIP network and the best part is that it just “works”. It’s ultra reliable, there’s nothing to setup and call quality is generally excellent.

Skype’s been promising a true VOIP enabled mobile client forever.  They released one for Windows Mobile years ago but we are still waiting for a S60 version.  Tuesday at MWC, Skype and Nokia finally announced a S60 Skype client that supports free Skype to Skype calling on WiFi or 3G.  The only catch is that it will only available as part of a firmware upgrade.  Given that Nokia hardly ever issues firmware updates for the US versions of their phones I doubt I’ll ever see Skype on my N95-3.  I don’t understand why a Skype client can’t be a simple .sisx download.    Gizmo, Fring and TruTap all delivered stand alone S60 clients two years ago, why can’t the much larger, Ebay owned Skype? Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

47 thoughts on “Download Skype Lite

  1. how can i download skype for samsung gt s3770k… i have tried lot of website but can not find suitable file. pls help me…

    • I’m not sure if this app even works any more. If it does you can call Skype numbers but it uses phone minutes and only works in certain counties. Read the post for details.

  2. if any one know how can i download a perfect skype on my jet please email me [email address removed],,,thanks guys

    • Posting your email on the open web will get you tons of spam. Check the ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ box at the bottom of this page to be notified of replies without compromising your email address.

  3. it doesnt work on my jet,i open the apps but its just like hang up,it doesnt do anything but only freezing,,any one please help me

  4. Plz help that i am not able to make call from this app mine mobile is w20i zylo and thats 3g mobile i think .

  5. i installed in samsung corby pro mobile but when i login its showing server setting error can any one please help

    • The Skype files linked here are the only ones I have. They don’t work on all phones. If they don’t work on yours I don’t think there is anything you can do.

  6. you mean the java (me) jar??
    Yes i have that in my phone yesterday i download by that link…but it doesnt work..the key of my phone is not supported for the application i cannot select any options for installing..lyk..language i want to select english…but no key of my phone is intended to cconfirm in short no key (ok)

    • If the keys don’t work on your phone version I posted here then that version is not-compatible with your phone.

      Maybe you can find a different version on another site that works on the P990i.

  7. dennis.,i have a skype beta in my phone; but i cannot enter my user name..need help thank you;

  8. Cn anybody. Advice me f my sony ericson P990i have a skype software. That supported to it..ive been esato no advice gatherd,tnx

  9. Cheers mate!

    Only tested it with Echo on my HD2, but that worked just fine.
    Thanks for leaving this available.

  10. I just bought a Samsung S5560, I’d like to know if I can use/install skype on my mobile? I’d to voip (voice call skype to skype)

    • I don’t have any information on which phones these Skype apps work on. Just download the Java version and try. You won’t get VOIP though, Skype only supports IM on Java phones like the Samsung S5560

  11. It is cool and works great. I use it to be in the touch of my friends.I wanna know is the app compatible with my Nokia 7230 3G Mobile ?

  12. i need to install skype lite to my samsung jet s8003 model
    file posted is unsupported ..
    please help

  13. TY Dennis but I am not able to use call button or “5” key or any other key to select the language. I have Samsung S5560 any other way to select the language.

  14. i have problems with the language selection… i can’t choose a language. not even “5”, or “next” key… also the screen size is weird. – i have the blackberry.
    it didn’t work.

  15. installe skypeLite(Java) on Asus P527 and Samsung S5560 Marvel. after installation, in language menu, i am unable to select any of language from list. same problem occurs in both of my phones. please help.

    • I don’t have either phone but it sounds like the app isn’t compatible with the phones. It the OK button doesn’t work to select the language, try other buttons especially the Call key and the “5” key. If the Asus can run Java apps and the Windows version doesn’t work try using the Java one.

    • Hello Sukhvir, saw that you had problem with your samsung s5560 to select the language, what did you do to select? Replay from Dennis is not helping me. Regards ice.

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