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The US government makes an enormous amount of data available for free as downloadable XML files and through Web based APIs .  There’s a comprehensive listing of government data sources and tips for using them at Many of these data sources could easily be turned into useful web and mobile web services.  has created a collection of sample mobile mashups using a small subset of the available US government data services at There’s a huge amount of information available on that site which includes the following mobile lookups.

  • Gazetteer: A geographic dictionary that provides latitude and longitude information for many places throughout the U.S..
  • Proximity: Find the distance to the nearest wetland with map.
  • Elevation: Provides the elevation of a particular point and a map.
  • Station: Shows water quality monitoring stations within a geographic area on a map.
  • CO-OPS: Tide, current, water level and other coastal oceanographic information.
  • NDFD: Extremely detailed weather forecast data from the National Weather Service’s digital forecast database.
  • UV Index: Predicts the next day’s ultraviolet radiation levels.
  • Web Tools: Zip code lookup, address verification and the determination of which city is in a particular zip code.
  • SBSS: Returns a firm’s 8(a), HUB Zone and SDB certification status from the Small Business Administration’s database.

The site is optimized for Mobile Internet Explorer but is usable in other full-web mobile web browsers including Opera Mobile and Mini, Webkit and Safari.

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