Updated: How to View the Full Version of Sites in Opera Mini and Other Mobile Browsers

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  1. Dennis...exact same thing that Ted described. it's all there to use like it always has been. But when I click to delete a message and scroll down to delete it or to delete more than one, it goes through the motions but nothing happens. Same when i try to send an email. I can get to my contacts, click on that and then try to send an email....but nothing opens up for me to send an email.
    • dennis says: " ' Click a link or button and the page reloads instead of doing what it's supposed to' is an old bug that's been occurring intermittently in Opera Mini for at least five years."

      ted says: good info, and it shows we're not crazy!

      thanks dennis
  2. please notify of follow comments i forgot to check that box on first post.

    in opera mini on my nokia n82, i can't delete outlook (hotmail) emails, and i also can't create new messages.

    i used to be able to, i think.

    how do i get around this?
    • I don't use Outlook or Hotmail but I have a test account at Outlook.com. I successfully composed and sent an email and deleted an email using both Opera Mini 7.1 for Symbian and Opera Mini 8 for Java.

      Ted and DeeAnn what exactly happens when you try to create or delete an email? Where and how does it fail?
    • Dennis - if i click the 'new message' icon, all that happens is the screen blinks but new message doesn't open.
      same thing happens if i click the 'delete' box at the top of a list of message or singularly in front of a message: the screen blinks and the check mark disappears, so i can't finish the delete command.
    • Dennis - here is something someone posted on the Opera forum, citing the same issue:

      "Am having some strange issues on Outlook.com (formally Hotmail.com) - up until a couple of days ago, everything worked fine.

      Now when I access the site via Opera Mobile (ver 12.00.2254) on my Symbian phone, I encounter issues such as:- -The new mail button not working, i.e. You click on it + nothing happens -The Refresh button (same issue) -The Reply button (same issue) -The arrow to the right of the message, where you normally access a quick view of your received message, also does nothing.

      All I can do currently is to read the mails I receive, can't reply, can't really do anything with the message.

      I was running a previous version of Opera + upgraded in the hope that it would solve the issue, but no joy.

      What can I do to fix this please? Any help would be gratefully received!"
    • dennis asks: Have you tried using the built-in Symbian Email App or the Mail For Exchange app?

      ted replies: it's a non-sequitur. we should be able to use opera mini exclusive of the other programs you mention. opera is a browser, not an email carrier, though it can - and at one point did - function as a means for going into email programs. for some reason outlook isn't working now.
    • Of course you are right. But:
      Server based browsers like Opera Mini have a tough time coping with modern Webapps like Outlook that are built almost entirely on JavaScript.
      Web designers should be using progressive enhancement principles to create Web apps that work in all browsers on all platforms but that's harder and more expensive so it tends not to happen.
      I doubt that Outlook.com product managers consider Opera Mini a supported browser, so Outlook isn't tested in Opera Mini and reported bugs that only occur in Opera Mini are assigned a low priority and never get fixed.
  3. in opera mini on my nokia n82, i can't delete outlook (hotmail) emails, and i also can't create new messages.

    i used to be able to, i think.

    how do i get around this?
    • Ted...same thing happens to me too using the LG 900. i used to be able to, then updated to mini opera 7.1, I think it was 7.1, or 7 point something and I lost that feature too. Just got an alert on my phone 4 days ago from net 10 saying mini opera 8 was available for my phone. Was thinking that perhaps the not being able to delete or send an email would be fixed...nope!..Still doing it. I try to use my phones google browser that it came with but it it tells me I don't have enough data. wished the glitch would get fixed.
  4. i got yahoo mail to open on 3/21/14 by using you link to the yahoo full homepage , then click mail ,, then menu on the android lg mach and choose request desktop version and yahoo opened the desktop , i needed the fulll version to check other mail feature from my main isp

    God bless you ,

    , Bill
  5. If your referencing me being out of the loop...thinking Im not really. I have a Java powered phone..not an Android. According to Net 10 when I called their Tech support, neither of these versions were apparently able to be used on my phone, wasnt supported they said. Off to go ck the single column trick out & see if it works.
  6. Good News.!!
    Want to use Twitter like PC on mobile?
    Well,dear now you can open the Desktop view for Twitter. Just follow these instructions.

    1)Log in to your twitter account with mobile as usually.(like Opera mini,etc)
    2)Once you opened your Twitter account.(Make sure you are on Homepage of your account) Just go to above adress and edit it with adding these follows:

    excluding quotation
    3)Done..!!Now you can enjoy Desktop view of Twitter on your mobile...

    Note: Once again, make sure that you have logined to your account. You can't access Desktop Twitter unless you didn't log in through mobile.
    If still don't understand,or have any problem regarding it. Simple click the following link.


    Happy Tweeting ^_^ ...
  7. Dennis,.....Thats the million dollar question about what browser I previously used. I wanna say it was like 4.2? When I got rhis phone & was going thru the activation process etc, the Net 10 person on the phone gave me the web address for mini opera & the version, but that was about 18 mnths ago. The only reason I even put 7.1 on it was because I got a txt msg from Net 10 to turn off my phone for phone updates & then it also said there was an updated mini opera for my phone. Which was 7.1. The prev browser may even have been 3.4?...or close to that. Been a while & I can't remember for sure. With the 7.1, things look & behave exactly as before with the exception of Outlook for hotmail. I can no longer delete any emails either one by one or in a group like before. I go thru the motions but they are still there.
  8. Since updating to mini opera 7.1 on my LG900 g...outlok with hotmail use is huge! Cannot no longer delete any emails either doing so one by one or multiples like I used to. It is virtually useless and Oi cannot seem to find anywhere that addresses this isue or to answer my questions as how to resolve this.
    • Hotmail and Outlook.com haven't worked well in Opera Mini for over a year. What browser were you using before that worked better? A simple solution would be to go back to whatever worked.
  9. Thank you for this page. I'm always appalled at the short-sightedness of developers in terms of the the mobile vs full interface issue. It's refreshing to see someone who designs mobile sites and doesn't feel the need to build a nanny barrier into it lest baby web surfers hurt themselves.

    In the past week, yahoo has stopped working almost completely on ipad. It's not the most empowering of devices at the best of times, but nothing seems to work, regardless of which browser I use. The workaround link is stumped also.
  10. Can you please give me a workaround for goodreads.com? When I click on a link for lists it goes to desktop site but for individual novel I can't get out of mobile view. Please help.
    • I'm not sure what you mean. When you are reading on a book on GoodReads the current page takes up the whole browser window with just a Contents button in the top left. It looks the same to me in Opera Mimi as it does in a desktop browser.

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