Mobicious Home PageMobicious ( is an innovative new mobile content search portal. You can search for downloadable content of various kinds; ringtones, games and wallpapers and also SMS Services and mobile web sites. Users can review and rate each content item in Mobicious and upload and share images. You can search just a single category like games or tag multiple categories and search them simultaneously. I especially like that searches can be restricted to only free content.

Xen Dolev at Xellular Identity has a good post covering Mobicious‘ business model and their PC web site. I’m going to focus on the mobile side of Mobicious.

Mobicious is brand new and the listings are still a little sparse and there are few reviews or ratings. In order to use Mobicious on your phone you must first register on a PC at The site is in Alpha so this is OK for now but Mobicious really needs to open the mobile site up for browsing by un-registered users. While it’s easy to register and requires only an email address requiring it to use the mobile site will hurt adoption. A mobile search and portal site needs to be discoverable from the mobile web. Other mobile sites and search engines will link to Mobicious. Users who follow the links will land on the login page and not be able to do anything – not a good first impression. Browsing and searching,  Search Resultas opposed to rating, reviewing and purchasing content shouldn’t require registration anyway.

I like the way Mobicious presents search results with a thumbnail image of the site, game, etc. It’s also really easy to a rate an item by picking 1-5 from a dropdown and there’s a textbox waiting for you to type a review.

Mobicious looks promising. The site seems to be following the model established on the PC web by sites like and Yahoo Shopping. These sites provide a product search engine along with user driven product ratings and reviews and take a small referral fee from vendors. This model has worked well on the PC web and I believe it’s transferable to the mobile web.

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  1. Thanks for looking at our site at We’ve taken up your point about accessing the site without having to login to the site, so new users can now begin using the search feature of the site without having to first log in.

    If you do log in at Mobicious you can preview mobile web sites in the Web section of our directory and add the ones you like to “My Webs”. These are then available as links (like bookmarks) on your mtagd/w page so you can quickly access them from one place.

    We have lots more ideas and features to come ….

    Over the summer, we will be gathering user feedback, expanding the directory, and introducing new web and mobile web site features in preparation for a beta launch in the fall. In addition, we are establishing a number of partnerships that will dramatically expand the content available and consumer exposure. In the meantime, we welcome any of your readers’ thoughts and feedback. Thanks again…

    The Team at Mobicious

  2. I found this site really useful. I had my own pictures from my phone that I ended up uploading to the My Mobicious part of the website and made it public for others to view my photos. It is really fun and easy to use.

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