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I like to read the news from a variety of sources from around the world. There’s a lot going on that you’ll never hear about if you rely on the limited, superficial international news coverage provided by the US news media. I’m sure the media in every country has a local bias as well. To really have an international perspective on current events, you need to follow a variety of sources worldwide. Fortunately the Internet, including the mobile Internet, makes that easy. I’ve collected links to a number of mobile news sources from around the world in the Wap Review Directory and on my companion WAP site

One of my favorite international news web sites EuroNews has recently redesigned their mobile site. EuroNews Mobile has an attractive page design that is also easy to navigate. Stories are exactly the same in terms of content on the mobile site as on the main EuroNews web site. While the stories are a not long (about 5 screenfulls on a 128×160 midrange phone like the Nokia 6101) they are well written. Each story is accompanied by a 130×96 image. In addition to international headline news there are also economic and European news sections. The site is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian.

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