Opera Mini Dimension is Live

 Opera Mini DimensionI woke up this morning to find that the Opera Mini 4.0 beta, aka Dimension, has been released. I’ve got to get to my day job so no review yet. I’ll try to post my first impressions tonight. In the meantime, try it yourself, click on the Dimension button in the sidebar to go to the release site for videos, information and downloads.

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2 thoughts on “Opera Mini Dimension is Live

  1. I have been a big fan of opera mini 2/3 and used them frequently. However the new version 4 is absolutely awful, loading full web pages into a sized screen that appears with only —- lines, coupled with slow zooming and panning breaks the very innovation that I enjoyed with your previous versions. Please stop trying to copy the iPhone and do what your best at, condensing the web into a quick mobile digestible information browser.

    when they open any web page. no one wants to look at this
    — — [ ] — — — — —
    — — —- [ ] —– —-

    you broke your best feature. I will not be using Opera 4, and plan on purchasing an iPhone.

  2. Ummm… tried it on my Windows Mobile 5 phone. Got to the Agreement page and it just hangs. Had to reset the phone. Beta. Needs more testing.

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