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Depending on who is doing the counting, DailyMotion is either the number two or three user generated video sharing site (after YouTube) in terms of traffic.

The new Dailymotion mobile site lets you search or browse though videos in subject area “channels”. Or you can jump right into the “Most viewed”, “Most recent”, “Most popular” and “Best Rated” lists. It looks like the mobile site only contains a subset of the videos on the desktop site though. I was unable to find many of the titles that are on the main site.

The streaming (there is no download option) videos are in a rather low quality, low resolution QCIF (176×144) format even on phones that are capable of handing much larger and higher quality content like my Nokia N95. The only exception seems to be the iPhone which has a dedicated URL, iphone.dailymotion.com with full screen 480px wide videos.

You do not need to register to watch any of the videos. If you haveĀ  account though, you can log in to view your favorites and profile.

The only mobile upload option is with Shozu. Which is a great program, provided your phone supports it. It would be nice to see other mobile upload options like MMS, email and browse for file.

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Ratings: Content ***__ Usability XXXX_

Ready.mobi Score: 5 “Good”

Mobile Link: m.dailymotion.com

4 thoughts on “Dailymotion Mobile Video

  1. Presumably that site is only served on on phones with a T9 or vertical qwerty arrangement (non-touchscreen devices); I can’t seem to be able to get to it from my Android handset. Even the fancy HTML5 mobile site works on some browsers, but not others.

  2. m.dailymotion.com is not open at my pc (mozzila) like m.youtube.com. the page only show icon of daily motion at the top middle .

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