Carnival of the Mobilists 95

 Carnival like Trade show Image

It happens every Monday and is indispensable reading for anyone interested in any aspect of the mobile ecosystem. It’s the Carnival of the Mobilists of course and this week it’s at The Smartphones Show, a great site by the way. Host Steve Litchfield is famous for the video podcasts he does offering hands on reviews of the latest devices along with industry news, opinions and an occasional rant. For the Carnival, Steve has switched from video to text and gathered the best blog posts on mobile topics from the past week.

This Carnival has some great and thought provoking content. Michael Mace’s post of the week offers an analysis of why Apple’s so intent on locking the iPhone. Michael’s conclusion is both worrying and unique. And there’s more. Posts on Bluespamming, Net neutrality, Symbian themes, Bluetooth stereo headphones, mobile learning, carriers sharing your information, the pain of getting your app Java Verified, the gPhone, tools for mobile workers and my personal favorite post, Improbulus’ fascinating and very witty piece on MobileCampMonday and BarCamp.

Incidentally it’s Blog Action Day and I should do a post on something good we can all do to benefit the environment. I’m going to take the easy way out and just say – don’t trash your old phones, recycle them. For options on how to do that read Kevin Bedell’s post which is part of the Carnival and covers US options, and Taptu’s Vero on an easy recycling option for UK residents.

Link: The Carnival of the Mobilists, #95