Lodging.mobi is the latest in a number of new mobile hotel search and reservation sites to launch this year. Nice to see this long neglected area of the mobile web finally getting some attention. The site has an inventory of over 75,000 hotels around the world. It uses browser detection and adaptation to deliver page and image sizes optimized for six different classes of device and should be usable on virtually any phone.

The user interface is straight forward with a front page search form leading directly to a list of available rooms sorted by price from lowest to highest. A dropdown lets you filter results by your prefered price range. Prices in the initial list are room rates only, you have to click through to see the bottom line price including taxes and fees.

Making a reservation requires a credit card and filling out a long form. In this initial release it doesn’t appear to be possible to store your credit card details for future use or complete a reservation over the phone. Source: Mobility.mobi

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Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXX__

Ready.mobi Score: 4 “Good”

Mobile Link: lodging.mobi