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MoFuse has opened up the Beta of their RSS to mobile service to anyone with a US mobile number. Go to and enter your phone number to receive an invitation code. If you are outside the US let me know, as a user I have some invites to give away. I’ve used MoFuse to create mobile version of this blog, the URL is

 MoFuse Dashboard

There are so many of these free services that let you mobilize any site with an RSS feed. I’ve previously covered FeedM8 (review), Mowser (review) and Winksite (review). Others I haven’t tried yet include, Kaywa’s Feed2Mobile and

MoFuse seems more publisher focused than the others although that may change as the site grows. For now, MoFuse has no public directory of sites, but offers several tools to help you promote your mobile site. There’s a mobile site button, and drop in code for creating an SMS form on your blog where users can enter their phone number and have your mobile site’s URL texted to them. There is also code you can add to WordPress to redirect mobile browsers to your MoFuse powered mobile site.

MoFuse has a nice web Dashboard where you can manage your site. The Dashboard includes traffic statistics for your site with page views and unique visitors. By default, MoFuse will not display advertising on your site. You can optionally monetize your MoFuse site with Adsense Mobile or AdMob, MoFuse will split advertising 50/50 between showing your ads and theirs. I think 50% is a going to be a tough sell considering that Winksite and Mowser let you keep all the ad revenue, and FeedM8 gives the publisher 60%. On the other hand maybe taking a bigger share will allow MoFuse to survive.

 WapReview mobilized by MoFuseMobile sites created with MoFuse are simple and attractive and you can customize the foreground and background colors and add a banner logo. Check out the image showing how WapReview looks in MoFuse. I like that MoFuse uses accesskey shortcuts so that you can just press the 8 key to go to the eighth post, for example.

Unfortunately MoFuse does not resize images in posts or paginate long posts. If you use large images or even lots of small ones, pages of your MoFuse site many not load completely or at all on many mass market phones. MoFuse allows you to turn off all images in posts which also removes links, but really needs to implement image resizing and pagination to be competitive.

It’s never been easier to create a mobile web site. If you have a site that’s not mobile yet give MoFuse or one of the other services a try. To help you decide here are links to versions of Wapreview Mobile created with some of the services mentioned above: MoFuse, Winksite, Mowser, FeedM8 and Feed2Mobile. Which do you like best? Comments are open.

Rating: Content: *** Usability: XXXX

More about MoFuse from Mashable, ReadWriteWeb and Libraryclips

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