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  1. I am using gravity 2 SGH-T469 and I have done all the gprs settings but when I open operemini it tells me I have not connected to the internet, I don't even know to do again. Please I need your help
  2. i have gt c 3303i samsung champ i have to downloaded the opera mini as wel as uc browser these r not connectng
  3. My Nokia X2-01 inbuilt browser opera mini 4.2 doesnot download anything it shows loading and after sometimes it shows service not available plz plz plz help me.
    • Try running the connection test in Opera Mini's advanced settings menu. If that doesn't fix it, follow the instructions on this page above to find and configure your GPRS settings.
  4. suddenly i am getting a problem in loading the every website as content blocked by the operator what should i do please help me
    • Generally this error occurs when your operator or government has asked Opera to block access to some or all sites. Contact your operator, perhaps your mobile package doesn't include packet data or general browsing. You could also try a different browser, UC Browser or the phone's built-in browser.
  5. My hauwei G7010 phone suddenly stop browsing and connecting to the net, so i need the possible solutions please
  6. Im using my nokia c2-00 phone , im not able to browse internet with uc browser ane same other browsers ,even settings are installed in my phone , please help me
  7. i have samsung chat gt c3222, i m tring to download java apps bt after download sows ''jar eror or jar file invalid'' help me to solve my problem..
  8. First go to main menu>application>open>then on the file doesn't work properly>choose option>from option click application setting>select network>make all file in it enable allow. Then the apps that doesn't work truly start to work 85% realy true.
  9. hey, i am using nokia 2700 classic with reliance sim.i can't connect to internet by uc browser please give me a soulution for this
  10. Hello, am using a nokia 7230 but my opera has of recent failed to connect to the internet. I have tried to delete it but i cant because its a system file. What should i do?. Thank you
  11. im using LG T375, and i instaled opera mini. and sucessfully work with wifi internet provider. But the problem is it can't run when i selet to globe iternet provider. what should i do? can u help me?
    • That can happen if Opera Mini becomes corrupted due to crashes or you exit it by killing it with the End Call key instead of using the Opera Mini Exit menu option. There's no way to get your saved pages back but you should re-install Opera Mini as the corrupted install will goes more problems going forward.
  12. I,need to operamini4.4 and i used before and i used firefox,chrome mini by opera browser.but i think my country(iran)filltering them.i can,t use pc,tablet...and i use only mobile samsung gt-s5233t for all of work in internet .pls help mee till i can use of internet.you chek my mobile for helping.tanks.
  13. My default browser for my Nokia 2220 is Opera Mini. When I attempt to go on the internet it says, " Failed to connect to the Internet." What should I do?
    • If it's a Symbian phone or a Java media player that you installed the wrong access point or no access point at all might be assigned to media player.

      Or it could be an unsupported media type or bad URL.
  14. plz can you help me out my uc browser not working in my samsung e250,it not loading well the pages are not showing,how can i make it work? and what is the proxy address dat works on all application?
  15. sir , my opera mini and uc browsers are working properly but my BINU is nt working can u suggest any method of solving this problem?
  16. sir i am using samsung champ gtc3303 i am having a problem in installing any java software it always shows me failed to connect internet but when i go in permission coloumn then in connectivity firstly when i use this there has been option ask once then use is now is visible for me intially it automaticaly got selected and i am able to use it but now i cant select it and when i select ask every time i am able to use it but it always ask me alow to use network.
  17. sir, i have a samsung corby pop. it supports opera mini 4.4 and works well. but when i downloaded uc browser 8.7 ....it could not connect to the internet...after some attempts, when opened the app
    it displayed java error...any solution???
  18. My built in browser of mobile is working as well as opera mini. I recently installed ucbrowser but it not working. Only problem is that it doesn't connect to the server. Any solution?
    • If you don't have the option to delete access point, update to the latest firmware and you will have that option.

      Or just do a factory reset to delete everything.
  19. iam using nokia c2-00 mobile.When i receive internet setting n try to save them i got error every time that only 70 sets are allowed setting discarded what should i do?
    • I don't understand why you need more than 70 different APNs. You should only need one for each mobile operator that you use. Delete the ones you don't need to solve the problem.
  20. sir, my phone is china smart phone mdl: smart s-16. my phone is java supported it also support opera mini 4.2 & many others opera but it does not support any uc browser. what can i do??? pls help me.
  21. Nokia 2700 classic. Bsnl. Default opera mini working bt opera 7.1 not working when using bsnl. Both are working when using Airtel from the same phone.
  22. sir, when i want to open facebook by using operamini (or operamini next) it shows connection error and error code 1
    But all the other sites are opening without any problem.
    I have reinstall both the browser with update version. But problem not solved.
    I have changed access point , and do virus scan but problem not solved.
    But Facebook by using uc browser are working.
    What can i do ??
    Thank you.
  23. Hello Sir ,My opera mini 4.3 internet browsing is not working in Nokia C200.
    Firstly i have taken backup of all my contacts,phone and setting.
    Secondly i have done restore to factory settings.
    Finally I have restore the backup and saved the internet setting.
    After that when i start opera data is not receiving but nokia inbuilt brower is working well.Give me solution urgently.
  24. Dennis...1st lemme say i find this blog 2b one of most informative & well explained, especially re opera mini. I linked here while searching for info & answers, (just the same few for quite a while) but almost never get any ans from mini forum, forum search, or net search, so i hope you send any reply (if any) to my email (i checked box & entered addy).

    Maybe im wrong but your above explanations seem to confirm what i suspected 4 a long time...that my setup is unusual. My phone is cdma but also uses brew (os) & j2me. Everything ive read, incl your above, make that sound like a contradiction?

    Carrier is virgin mobile. Phone is vm510 (rumour touch), s/w ver 7. VM installs or allows ota of omini, but otherwise blocks 3rd party apps...that is until a long time ago, the simple trick around that block was discovered & instituted by many, i.e., "the APPS folder trick, which enable phone to accept many 3rd party apps, which of course made an otherwise mostly useless phone become a very useful one. But it is ONLY (i believe) some sort of strange conflict between om6 & my stuff, that is my main question & problem for a long time & no answers or even a reference to, have i so far (since early sept) been able to find anywhere! (except the symptom, of load hang, was someone else's question to you, re a different mini version, which led me here, to find your great blog that must be hugely helpful to many, but it appears to me that my "hang issue" is due to something different than anything u explained/described above).

    I have posted quite a few times (in mini forum), this issue, but never has there been any answers or even responses. Also many forum & internet searches have never returned any pertinent hits or replies. Its really weird that...and weird the issue itself as well..

    Simply put, i had been using om6 for approx 1 1/2 yrs, since it inception i believe. It was installed ota. I must have actively upgraded to it, cuz i got this phone approx aug. 2010 & i dont think 6 was even close to being avail yet. Im pretty sure phone came w/mini already installed or maybe i had to install, i dont remember anymore, but im guessing it wouldve then been some version of 5? Then, when 6 became avail., i was made aware & installed ota. It was great in my opinion! The cats meow! In fact i was so happy with it that later when i began getting upgrade msgs, i wasnt interested, i was happy w/6 & afraid of losing such a great working browser (and soon thereafter became even more important to me since my pc died for good & i couldnt replace for a long time, so phones' internet & browsing abilities became my "main squeeze". Since replaced pc but have no internet for it).

    So i loved 6 & had no real problems w/it. I didnt even know about forum during the whole yr & a half. Then, in the 1st few days of sept., all of a sudden one day, out of the blue, for no apparent reason & w/no forewarning that im aware of, from anywhere...., i went to open my beloved mini6 & it would not load. It stopped at 80% (like your orig questioner stated) & refused to go past that point. It was the 1st time i had ever seen that sort of indication. I thought, of course, that it was network, et al, but before long i came to realize it was a permanent situation & nothing tried would correct it.

    Let me also add, that when "next" was released, and when i learned it could be installed side by side, i tried it, but i guess at the time i just didnt "get it", so in the interest of dealing w/this phones' very limited memory, i deleted it & went back to 6. Then, when this issue started & i could find no fix, i decided in desperation, to reinstall "next" but it was no longer openly listed, so i had a hard time finding it but eventually i did & reinsstalled & have been using ever since. I also tried installing 4.4 & some modded version of 6 i found. They both installed & work, w/no problem.

    The problem is this: i find "next" to be great, but not as stable & significant "connection problems", in comparison to what i remember w/6. And so i wanted to fix 6 so as to at least be able to choose or go back to, if "next" was too problematic for me. I then discovered the forum & signed up. I tried ever since, but can get no answers about this. NOTHING! Before this happened to me, i discovered bookmarks & saved pgs, so i had accumulated a sizable set of.. So i was very concerned about giving up on 6 & just sticking w/"next" or upping to latest 7, as i knew if i upped, it would wipe out my installed but nonworking 6 & likely wipe away any possib chance of ever recovering those bkmrks (i hadnt yet discovered "link", but now activated) & saved pgs. So i have kept the 6 installed, in case i find a way to get it to open again (and recover old bkmrks & saved pgs).

    Ive since got "link" going & new bkmrks & new saved pgs & i maybe wud be better off staying w/next or upping to latest 7, but i 1)would like to know why this happened (the 6 issue), 2) if fixable? & if so, 3) have opportunity to maybe retrieve those bkmrks & saved pgs.

    Also at 1 point i came under the most likely false idea, that if i tried intall anothr instance of official same v6, maybe it wud retain the lost data & fix the whole "issue", but then discoverd that 6, in any ver, had been "raptured", as in removd from any opera listings or 4 that matter from ANYWHERE else either! 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 r there but no 6. Why? (even jad/jar sets are extremely scarce, plus very hard 4me2 deal w/anyway). Please help & thx.

    • Your original Opera Mini 6 installation is corrupted. This can happen especially if Mini crashes or if you kill it with the red end call key instead of exiting properly using the exit option in the menu.

      You *may* be able to fix it by re-installing the same version without without first deleting the corrupted one. You will be prompted if you want to replace the existing copy and if you want to keep the old version's data. Say yes to both prompts.

      After reinstalling your old bookmarks and saved pages may still be there and usable. Or not. If they are gone there's nothing you can do to get them back. Now that you are using Opera Link you should always be able to get your bookmarks back if Opera gets corrupted again.

      As for old versions of Opera Mini, they aren't that hard to find look here:
      Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java and BlackBerry Versions Here
      and here:
      BoostApps.com - Opera Mini Tag Archives

      BTW, if you expect help here or on any forum, try to keep your questions direct and to the point.
  25. Hi, I value your assistance. There are sites that most of our mobile service providers here in Uganda let us access for free e.g Facebook. My mobile settings work perfectly and I can access the site using my inbuilt browser for free but cannot access it using the Opera Mini browser for free. I'm always charged when I use Opera Mini but not charged when I use the inbuilt browser that has very few features. Is there any way I can configure my Opera Mini to work as my inbuilt browser?
    • I don't think that's possible by legal means. When you use Opera Mimi all traffic from and to your phone goes through Opera.com proxy servers. There's no way for your operator to determine if you are going to a free site like Facebook or not.
  26. I have an Xperia x10, i installed Opera Mini and it worked fine really, but then i went to my homeland Pakistan, it worked fine over there too but when i came back to where i live (Riyadh) Opera mini stopped working, i uninstalled it, i downloaded it again from the market and installed it. But when i open the app itself it says Installing for a while and then after a while it says 'Failed to connect to the internet'. I think its because of the recent changes our internet provider did but im not sure.. Can you help me?
  27. Iam habing problem while sending message it will show to me that the message has be sent to the receiver but when i ask the receiver,he said to me he didn't see it and it happens not only 2 or 3 times but all the time i send message,thanks
    • Are you talking about text messages? What does that have to do with Opera Mini? If your texts are not being delvered contact your operator it's likely network problem.
  28. I got my Huawei G7010 in about Febuary, but the thing is my Opera Mini won't load!>.<
    It get's to about 80% and just completley stops!
    I've tried turning it on and off, and taking the battery out, but it doesn't do anything.
    If anyone can help? It would be amazing, i would love you forever!<3
    • If it just stops without an error, it's likely that your phone isn't compatible with the version of Opera Mini you are trying to install. If the problem occurs with Opera Mini 6.5 or Opera Mini Next, try Opera Mini 4.4. If 4.4 doesn't work try Opera Mini 3.
  29. My problem is, i deleted the original java session that already installed on my phone, and when i create a new java session, it always not working even the settings are correct. I need to download a new original "websession" file which have undeleted java session. Im wondering if someone can send me that file.
  30. i recreated java session with correct settings, but still not working.
    The default java session that i deleted is already there when i first got the phone. Maybe recreating java session will not work. i wanna get help from you but you are limited to opera? I should go to motorola. but thanks.
    • The Java session is used by all Java apps. not just Opera Mini. It should work if you set it up right. GPRS APN, Wap IP and port must be right.

      Also try setting the Java Session as the default. Meny > Settings > Web Access > Web Sessions > select Java Session > Menu > Set As Default
  31. Am able to download apllications like facebook chat ,nimbuzz,opera mini,google map,gmail and uc browser but i cant open them,am using a lg ku990i. it often tells me connection failed,time out or no gprs setting found. am from Ghana,i also need a java settings
  32. i can use net via my samsung gt-c3510 corby pop but it dosent gets connected to other java apps like ebuddy, etc
    but opera mini works
    but not other java apps shows "connection failed" check internet settings.
    so please help and guide to solve my problem.
    Thank You for the support.

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