Updated: Easy Mobile Web Based Contact Sharing

Mobile Share

Mobile Share seems like a  simple but potentially handy new service. It lets you create a personal online contact page, a simple mobile formatted web page containing your name and phone number. A link on the page lets you share it by sending the URL in a text message. Another link lets the recipient add your name and number to their phone’s contacts with a single click.  I see this as an alternative to sharing a contacts with Bluetooth. I’d  love to do without the hassle of  entering matching PINs on both phones that Bluetooth requires in order to send a vCard.  Bluetooth sharing also occasionally fails to work, especially when sending contacts between  different brands of phones.

Not that Mobile Share is foolproof either. The SMS sending and add to address book functions are implemented using a couple of relatively uncommon URI schemes,  sms: and wtai://, which are supported by many but by no means all phones. One notable exception is the iPhone, which doesn’t  support either. I couldn’t get it to work on a three year old BlackBerry either. If you have a phone that supports wtai:// and sms:,  as most Nokias andSony Ericssons, do Mobile Share looks like a pretty easy where to share your contact info.

Update: Dimitry at Mobile Share emailed me  to say that he has updated the site to work with iPhones.   When an iPhone is detected Mobile Share now uses  mailto: and a vcard instead of sms: and wtai:// .

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