Found on the Mobile Web 36

Palm Beach PostFound on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1080 mobile sites.

News/US Local by State

Palm Beach Post ( The Florida daily paper’s mobile site has extensive local, national and world news, plus weather, business and sports coverage. Also editorials, horoscopes, winning lottery numbers, entertainment news and event listings. Most stories have with photos which are resized to fit screen width. The mobile site design is from Quattro Wireless.

Tech/Mobile/News and Reviews

The PhoneBoy Blog ( Dameon Welch-Abernathy works for Nokia but his day job doesn’t have anything to do with mobile. Nevertheless he writes a great blog on phones, VoIP, mobile software and the occasion rant against carrier stupidity. The mobile version is via Alex King’s Word Press Mobile plugin

Search/People Search

BT’s The Phonebook ( The UK’s primary landline phone company, which used to be British Telecom but now prefers to be called simply “BT “, offers this phone directory lookup site. Listings cover all of the UK except Northern Ireland with separate search forms for business and residential listings. This site works fairly well although a number of pages have markup errors and generate errors in Opera Mini and possibly other browsers.

Sports/Motor Sports

NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile ( Sprint homepage With the 2008 NASCAR season now underway. Sprint has re-launched their NASCAR site. Fortuntately you don’t need to be a Sprint subscriber to use the site. You will find NASCAR results, news, calendars, rules. trivia and polls on the site. For Sprint customers there are also downloads; ringers, callback tones, a game and a free screensaver.


E4 ( UK cable TV entertainment channel E4’s mobile site features TV listings, star photos and bios (called”blogs”!) and downloadable videos and ringtones from shows including Ali G, Ugly Betty, Big Brother and Friends. Some of the ringtones are free others are a semi-reasonable 50p. For some reason, E4 claimed that both my N95 and Z8 didn’t support about half the videos including the Ali G ones. I wonder why? About the only format those phones don’t support is Windows Mobile, could E4 be using WMV’s? Another annoyance is that you can’t even load the site in Opera Mini, getting an “Opera Mini-browser is not supported” message! Source: SMS Text News


Quobile ( This mobile portal’s name combines the words “Quick” and “Mobile” to suggest that it’s “blazingly quick”. It does seem fast and offers a well rounded selection of 50 News, Sports, Weather, Social Networking sites and Blogs. About half the sites are true mobile sites, the rest are Skweezer transcoded versions of full-web sites.msTraffic Mobile


msTraffic Mobile ( Mississippi Department of Transportation’s mobile traffic site has over 100 traffic cameras plus accident and road maintainance reports for the US state of Mississippi.


MyHours ( MyHours is an web based time tracking service were you can track your own or employees times and costs against multiple projects. MyHours is currently in beta and all services are free. There are plans to eventually charge of premium accounts but the site claims that basic personal time tracking will always be free.The mobile version lets you open and close projects and review, edit and delete your entries.


LinkedIn ( finally has a mobile site! The mobile version of social network for business professionals is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. It lets users build and manage their network of contacts, search the LinkedIn user base to find prospects, jobs and employees and send LinkedIn invites. Source: MocoNews, Via: WirelessDuniya