Carnival Of Mobilists 189 at MSearchGroove

Surreal Carnival Pinting

This week the Carnival of the Mobilists is appearing at MSearchGroove where noted mobile industry analyst Peggy Anne Salz is making her first appearance as Carnival head barker.

Peggy’s lined this week’s midway with some great attractions, so step right up and to hear the pitches  brimming with mobile intelligence.  The attractions this time are all over the mobile lot with everything from  mobile industry statistics through mobile banking, Nokia‘s current predicament and potential future,  mobile VOIP, mobile’s role in empowering women in emerging markets, mobile data pricing, the impact of the iPhone App Store restrictions on independent developers and  the battle of  the smartphone OSs.

The Carnival waraps up with Peggy’s wide ranging interview with industry strategist Inma Martinez  which includes  Blyk and SpinvoxGate postmortems, an another look at App Store restrictions and  Imma’s take on Microsoft and Google‘s mobile prospects.

This is a great Carnival and well worth a trip to: Best & Brightest: Carnival Of Mobilists #189; Can Nokia Cut It?; Positive Mobile Trends; Is Apple Behaving Badly? & How Mobile May Empower Women