Must Read Blog, MSearchGroove Is On the Mobile Web Too

MSearchGroove Mobile Web Version

MSearchGroove (MSG), published by well known mobile industry analyst, consultant, author and lecturer Peggy Anne Salz, is one of my favorite sources for the latest news and commentary on mobile search, marketing and advertising. In addition to Peggy, the site’s authors include industry insiders Chetan Sharma, Andrew Grill, Andreas Constantinou and John Puterbaugh among others. This is one site that should be on every mobilist’s reading list.

I’m not sure how long MSearchGroove has had a mobile edition. I discovered it when I used my mobile browser to visit last week’s Carnival of the Mobilists which was hosted by MSearchGroove. The mobile edition looks like it is generated by a highly customized and very attractive version of Crowd Favorite‘s WordPress Mobile Edition plugin.

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