Found on the Mobile Web #40

Found on the Mobile Web is an occasional WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1135 mobile sites.

Hammond Eggs Moble


Hammond Eggs ( It’s not unusual for musical performers to have a website, in fact it’s practically a business necessity. But what about a mobile site to promote your band? The way mobile web usage is growing, creating a mobile version of your site will get you more traffic, increase CD and .mp3 sales and maybe even help you get gigs. Jermaine Landsberger and Paulo Morello, jazz players from Hamburg, Germany have done just that with this nicely designed mobile site promoting their latest album “Hammond Eggs” About that name, Jermaine plays the Hammond organ so that explains the first part, don’t know about the “eggs”. The mobile site has photos and bios of the musicians and mp3 excepts of all the tracks. Take a look and Listen, I think you’ll like Hammond Eggs.


Todoist ( is another online task manager. It’s often compared with (RTM). Both have mobile versions, which I consider an essential feature for ToDo applications. Neither fully embrace mobile though, there’s no way to sign up to use the service from the mobile web sites.

Glide OS ( is Transmedia‘s suite of online productivity, social and entertainment applications. It’s billed as “The First complete Online Operating System”. I’m a little uncomfortable with web services being called opperating systems, but the WebOS monicker seems to be catching on for online productivity suites like Glide. Regardless of what you call it, Glide is a very full featured product. It includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, a webpage builder, bookmark manager, RSS reader, photo editor, address book with integrated IM and webmail, and a calendar plus a personal blog and online photo, video and music sharing. On the PC, the Glide editors are Flash based and quite slick. Glide has mobile versions of almost all the modules implemented as html forms for compatabilty with even basic mobile browsers. Glide OS is ad free and comes in free and paid versions. The only difference is the amount of storage you get. The free edition includes 2 MB which can be increased to 12 MB for $9.95/month or $99.95/year.

Glide puts a lot of emphasis on security with fine grained levels of permisions which can be varied on a document by document basis. Glide is currently at Version 2.0 with 3.0, which will have enhanced mobile and offline features, due to be released May 28th. I’ll try to do a more in-dept look at Glide 3.0 when it comes out.

PhoneNews Homepage

Technology/Mobile/News – Reviews

Phone News ( One of the better news blogs covering mobile. The focus is on new handset releases and US carrier news. Phone News uses WordPress and a new (to me) WordPress plugin called wp-pda which reformats the blog as a large mobile site (around 40 KB per page), making it best suited to viewing with mobile full web browsers like Opera Mobile or Mini, Nokia WebKit or the iPhone’s Safari.


CinemaNow ( ), a service that rents and sells movies for download to your PC, has launched this new mobile website which lets you order and queue movies to be downloaded to your PC. Movie downloads take a while so being able to start the process in advance, say from work, is a potential time saver. The mobile site is also supposed to have free streaming movie trailers, although I couldn’t find any. Via: MobileCrunch

Entertainment/Life Style

Allrecipies Mobile ( Mobile online recipe database, searchable by ingredient or dish name. Recipes are very detailed and have reviews and star ratings. You can enter the desired number of servings and ingredient quantities will automatically adjust.

Business/Banking and Payments

American Express Mobile ( Amex cardholders can use this site to view their balance, recent transactions and payments with any web enabled mobile phone. If you have enrolled in American Express’ Pay by Computer program you can also pay your bill using the mobile site.

Reference ( Simple Polish-English-Polish dictionary. Type a word in English or Polish into the text box and get a translation plus a list of similar words in both languages

Technology/Mobile/Mobile Social

Twitstat Mobile ( Another mobile web front end to Twitter. Very similar to Twitter’s own mobile version and to Twapper. All three let you post and read tweets from the Twiterers you’re following. Twapper displays a lot more tweeks than the others and includes the author’s picture with every tweet making it’s pages a little heavier but still under 20KB. Like the other two mobile web Twitter clients, Twapper doesn’t let you search for new people to follow which seems like a missed opportunity.

Travel-Transit/Destination Guides

InfoCapri ( This is the official mobile site of the Capri Tourist Board. It gives visitors to the Italian Isle of Capri ferry schedules and extensive lists of phone numbers for services, hotels, clubs and restaurants. The schedules are no doubt useful but the lists are just that, nothing but the name of the establishment and a phone number – no addresses or descriptions and the phone numbers are not even click to call.