Best of 2005 Carnival of the Mobilists

Richard L. Bliss photo
Photo: Richard L. Bliss
This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is very special. For the last Carnival of 2005, Russell Buckley at MobHappy has asked everyone writing on mobile telephony to nominate their best item of the year. And did he ever get some great stuff. The list of authors reads like a Who’s Who of the blogosphere; Russell, Howard Rheingold, Mike Masnick, Om Malik, Emily at and Carlo Longino to mention a few. Visit the Carnival here.This is the last Carnival for a little while. After a Holiday break the Carnival will return on January 20 at The Golden SwampIf you missed any of the previous Carnivals, you can find them at:

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To learn more about the Carnival, including how you can participate, just click the red Carnival of the Mobilists button in the sidebar.