Bugs Kill the User Experience With the Post Office’s Mobile Site

USPS Mobile Web Site

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently launched a mobile web site. Features include package tracking, a post office locator with information on hours and last mail pickup times and a couple of zip code search tools; one that gives the zip code for a given address and another which tells you what city a zip code is located in. For procrastinators there’s also a page listing the last date to mail holiday cards and packages to various destinations.

For me the killer feature on this site would be the one that claims to return a a list of the nearest mailboxes, with mail pickup times, for a given address or zip code. This feature worked OK when searching by zip code. But whenever I tried to use it with a full street address it just took me back to the mobile USPS homepage when I clicked the Search button! There is nothing more irritating than painfully tapping in an address, street, city and state on a ten key phone keypad and than having your efforts rewarded by absolutely nothing!  The looping back to the homepage bug happens randomly on some of the other search forms on the site too.

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