Ars Technica Mobile Edition Launches

ArsTechnica Mobile

Ars Technica which is Latin for “art of technology” is a big tech news site covering computing, science and gaming with breaking news items and in depth articles.

The recently launched Ars Technica mobile edition includes most of the full site’s content including its dedicated Apple, Microsoft, Open Source, Gaming, Business and Tech Policy sections.  The only part of the site that isn’t mobilized is the forums which unfortunately is where the comments on articles are.

The site’s modest 25 KB page size means that it should work with most mobile browsers.  Pages are formatted to fit 320px and wider screens so horizontal scrolling will be needed on many devices.  A curious omission is that  there are no navigation links to several of  the news sections including, surprisingly for a mobile site, the Telecom section.  The missing sections do have mobile versions but the only way to reach them seems to be by keying the section’s URL like Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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