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 Image 2  Image 1 I added Bloglines to the Directory and Portal. I know I panned the poor usability of the mobile site, a week ago, but I find myself using it daily nonetheless. Here’s why – synchronization. I want my mobile reader to only show me items I haven’t read already on the desktop and vice versa. Along with a million or two other folks, I use Bloglines on the desktop, it’s simply the best aggregator around. The main problem with Bloglines Mobile is that it shows all the unread items for a feed on a single page. This doesn’t work well with commercial feeds like Slashdot or Engadget which have dozens of new items daily. But Bloglines allows you to specify which of your feeds you want to see on your mobile (It’s under Edit Subscription on each feed’s index frame in desktop Bloglines). I set up Bloglines to just display sites on my mobile that put up a one new item every day or two (like most personal blogs). It turns out that these are the sites I tend to read most of the articles on instead of just scanning the titles to see if there’s anything interesting. So when I’m on the train I read through all the items posted by a few of my favorite bloggers on my phone. When I’m back at my desktop, I skim through the busy commercial sites.

Note: if you are using the WAP1 version of Bloglines, you need to hit the Refresh link after logging before you can see your feeds. This is not a Bloglines bug, it’s a limitation of the YesWAP html to wml transcoder.

Usability: **
Bloglines Mobile: html

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  1. i just switched back to bloglines from blogbridge mostly because of the mobile interface.

    now if only bloglines improved a bit on the pc. they seem so 2004.

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