Data Plans Now Required On Verizon 3G Feature Phones

Verizon Logo Verzion is making a number of  pricing changes effective Monday, January 18.  There’s some good news for heavy talkers, unlimited voice pricing is being reduced from $99.99 to $69.99 and unlimited talk and messaging is dropping  from $119.99 to $89.99. Family plans see similar reductions.  Prices for voice plans  other than unlimited aren’t changing

However the news on the data front is not so good. A data plan will be required for anyone switching to most 3G capable non-smartphones (a.k.a. ” feature phones”) as either a phone change or a new line of service.  There will be two available data packages; 25 MB for $9.99 /month ($500/GB) and “unlimited” (capped at 5 GB) for $29.99/month.  The current $19.95/month, 75 MB option  has been dropped.  Smartphone purchasers will continue to be required to add the $29.95 unlimited option. Current users of 3G feature phones will not be affected unless they switch phones or renew their contracts.

On the one hand mandatory data plans might encourage users to actually use the web on their phones since they are paying for whether they use it or not.  25 MB isn’t much data so users who do more than a little browsing will quickly burn through the initial allowance.  Verizon did reduce the overage charge on the $9.99 plan from 50 cents/MB  to a semi-reasonable 20 cents/MB ($200/MB).

On the other hand it seems nasty to raise the monthly cost for customers who want to switch to one of Verizon’s hot selling feature 3G phones like the LG Env Touch, Env3 and Chocolate Touch. I suspect that the majority of Verizon feature phone buyers do not use data and that many opt for a 3G phone not because it has 3G, but for styling,  “cool” factor or  other features like a better camera, music player or QWERTY keyboard.

I actually think that these changes could hurt Verizon’s bottom line.   Being forced to purchase a data plan that they have no intention of using with a recurring cost of $240 over the life of a two year contract won’t help with customer satisfaction or loyalty.  It might discourage quite a few users from upgrading and thus extending their contracts.  Out of contract customers represent potential churn, especially if competitors offer more desirable phones at a lower monthly cost. A lot depends on what the competition does.  AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile currently do not require data plans on feature phones and their optional data plans offer better value than Verizon’s. Unlimited data for 3G feature phones is $10/month on T-Mobile and $15/month on AT&T and Sprint.  Assuming the others don’t raise data rates or make data plans mandatory on non-smartphones, switching operators could start looking mighty attractive to Verizon feature phone users whether they use data or not.

102 thoughts on “Data Plans Now Required On Verizon 3G Feature Phones

  1. I will be leaving verizon too. There is no reason to make a customer get a crap phone to avoid a $10 a month charge. after all, it is the customer who pays for the phone itself. I should be able to buy whatever phone I want and not have to pay for unused features.I have a loyal customer since 2004. As soon as the contract is up, goodbye verizon.

    • Another soon-to-be former Verizon customer. We have 5 phones on the family plan. I am no longer upgrading our phones as each one becomes eligible. If one breaks, I’m buying one that doesn’t require a data plan on ebay. As soon as our contract expires, we’re out of here. I have called customer service and written to the CEO–and have gotten the canned responses about how this will enable us to fully use our phones and protect us from data charges. No thanks–we had data blocked and that worked just fine. Maybe if they lose enough customers, they’ll reconsider. A shame — I loved the customer service and would have stayed a loyal customer.

  2. I went to the Verizon store today to upgrade my daughters phone to an LG EnV Touch and was told that this phone required the $9.99 data package. Just in December I upgraded my other daughter to an LG Chocolate Touch but wasn’t required to pay the $9.99 then and still don’t. I called Verizon tonight and told them the situation. I was told that this new $9.99 data package requirement was imposed on January 18, 2010 and that I agreed to the terms and conditions and if I didn’t like it, I could get a non-3G phone. We had words and I insisted that I speak to a supervisor who is supposed to call back in 24-48 hours. I am certain that call back list is a mile long by now with people like us that are sick and tired of getting screwed over by Verizon. The analogy I used on the customer service rep is: How would you like it if you bought a car that came with OnStar and you were required to pay for that service even though you had no interest in that feature. Or your Dish Network cable box is capable of receiving HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax etc. so you have to pay for that functionality even though you don’t want those channels. What the hell is going on with Verizon. If they don’t watch it, they will end up like IBM. IBM who? – exactly! they got too big for their britches also and look where they are. They are has beens! I am not going to stop until I get this charge removed permanently from my bill! Even if I have to go all the way up to the CEO. Then they fire the person that came up with this bright idea.

  3. We just left Verizon after ten years because we were talked into upgrading to Palm Pre phones despite telling them that we did not need internet access. The sales representative told us that we could cancel the data plan within thirty days and when I called Verizon and tried to do so, they told me that I misunderstood the sales representative. No, the sales representative misrepresented the plan and the deal. I was duped into purchasing two phones that weren’t right for me. What the sales rep should have done was tell us that the Palm Pre phones were not right for us and that we should select something more appropriate.

    So, we took our four lines and switched carriers…the customer service representative that I spoke to did not even try to stop me from switching; this leads me to believe that Verizon does not value its customers and couldn’t care less because at the end of the day, they have more than enough money to say that YOU DON’T MATTER to them. This is what America is now, greedy corporate jerks who suck every last penny out of you and then spit your face when they’re done.

  4. Customer for 8 years. This is really a bad business practice. I will be leaving in 6 months with 3 lines. Too bad…good phone service but just too expensive now, and you shouldn’t be forced to pay for something you don’t plan on using.

  5. We will be leaving soon as well and have 3 lines with verizon for nearly 10 years. I guess not since so many people want out of their contract they are charging $350.00 early termination fee! I was recently on and saw that posted, with the phone features, beneath the new mandatory data plan. AT&T here we come!

    • AT& T does the same thing if you have a smart phone. I used the smart phones because I liked the looks of them but I didn’t use the internet. As of Sept 6th if you plug your SIM card into a smart phone whether you use the internet or not they will automatically tack on a $25 a month DataPro plan to your bill. All the cell phone companies are doing this. The days of picking what phone you want are gone!

  6. I was on an Alltel plan with my brother as of June 2008. He cut off my service in February 2010 . I had a Motorola Krazor which was purchased NEW in June 2008 when i got on my brothers plan. I took my phone in to Verizon (who bought out Alltel) to activate my phone on my own plan. They said I could not activate the phone because it was “LOCKED OUT” forcing me to purchase a new phone . I picked the LG ENV 3 . Salesman said I should get the data plan or I would not receive picture messaging, NEVER SAYING ANYTHING THAT IF I PURCHASED THIS PHONE DATA WAS REQUIRED!!!!! I went to change my plan one week later told them to remove the data plan, AGAIN NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BEING REQUIRED, This seems to be very shady scheming business practice and yopu can bet I will NOT RENEW this contract and will probably even cancel current contract as well as ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE anyone from going into contract with this company.

  7. Another 4 lines gone. I’ve been a loyal VZW customer for as long as I can remember. But no more. 3 lines are at end of contract over the next 2 months, the other in 6 months, too bad VZW, stop being morons.

  8. $10 add’l revenue per month (*so they think*) is now $120 revenue loss to Verizon. I have 5 lines and will soon leave as each contract becomes expired.

    Just for $10, they will lose many customers… I would not mind if I use it or even have the time to use it. I have internet at the office, and I have internet at home… When I do out, I do not need to be on the phone browsing the web! SO…. DO I USE THE INTERNET WHILE I DRIVE???????????? Hello…. your wise words of wisdom ads said “don’t text and drive….” Hard Economic Time= reduce cost. YET, you guys find a not very intelligent way to charge people more… Very wise team of decision makers you have!!! I guess they did not get their bonus in 2009 so they have to bump up cost to pay for their bonus this year.

  9. Same crap here but I pay for unlimited text, pic and vidio messaging but I can even get a phone with video without the $9.99 package. To add insult to injurt the people at the wireless store straight out lied to me about the phone features and will not return it. I think I will smear poop on there door tonight. Anyone know where the corp. office is for verizon????

  10. I went to the Verizon store to renew my line for 2 years and get a new phone. I wanted the enV3 my daughter has been using for the past year with the nice size QWERTY keypad. What a sad surprise to find out about the data plan. Good bye Verizon.

  11. I am definitly going to switch carriers after my contract is out!
    I wanted to upgrade my phone, but I can not get even a half descent phone without the phone having a required data plan!
    It is stupid to make someone pay for something they do not want!

    I already have FREE enternet on my itouch
    I do not want to pay for watered-down enternet on my phone!

  12. Add another 4 lines leaving Verizon. T-moble seems to have good prices. For one of the vzn lines we will have to pay an early termination fee but that will be less than the $40 a month for the 4 lines with the data fees. Verizon do you care?

  13. I’m also outraged with this plan. My 12 year old is due for a new phone and he’d like a ‘feature’ phone but I (a) don’t want to have to spend another $10 a month on his phone and (b) don’t want him surfing the internet from his phone. [If he wants to use the internet, he can do it from the home computer where I can track it.] So he’s not happy that I’m telling him he has to get the basic QWERTY phone. My husband is also due for a new phone and wants an Env3 but we keep putting it off thinking maybe they’ll change this data plan thing. I have a problem with the buttons on my Env2 but I refuse to replace it and sign a new contract because I don’t want my cost to go up $10 for exactly the same thing I’m already using. And my youngest son is almost old enough for a phone but I guess I’ll be holding off. Verizon…are you listening? You are losing business.

  14. This makes as much sense as my district school board being ran by a man who’s children are home schooled.

    Really now, we have a family plan with five lines. This whole 9.99 thing is a total screw up on Verizon’s part. The more I read about this, the more I’m willing to switch to another service. Why should I pay for a feature I’m not going to be using? All I do is text and make phone calls. If I really wanted to use the net, I’d wait until wi-fi was available or go home…I’m not a business person or anything, and if I was then yay Blackberries. I just want a nice Chocolate Touch for straight forward use. To boot, our phone bill is already high.

    I signed up with Verizon and I enjoyed being with them, despite their quirks. Now…I think I’ll be sending a complaint to Verizon in a little. c: My contracts almost over. Just saying.

  15. I am very upset with Verizon.

    I bought an env3 in december because my old phone broke. I went today to buy one for my wife, but they require $240 commitment to a data plan we don’t want.

    Making your customers pay for services they don’t want and don’t need is not way to keep customer’s at all. I am very happy that plenty of people have posted here and elsewhere that they are switching just because of this. Continue to post and voice your opinion on this and maybe they will realize how stupid that is.

  16. so also is the case with Airtel in India it has the best network but a really pathetic customer care

  17. I too am outraged by this. Is there any way to send out a petition against Verizon? I have surpassed my 2 year contract and I think I am going to look into a different carrier.

  18. i too recently visited verizons website and learned of this ridiculus data requirement. Mind you, my contract isn’t up until Feb 2011, but I am not planning on renewing with verizon unless this is lifted.
    We need to send a clear message not only to verizon , but to the other carriers as well, should they be considering a similiar requirement. Our message should be clear…”we don’t need it, we won’t be forced to buy it”! It’s like paying an additional seat fee to sit on the bus. Suppose I want to stand??!

    • Other cell phone companies are already considering the same move, some already preparing for it. Verizon hasn’t actually lost a lot of business and their data averages are actually going up.

  19. I am outraged by this mandatory data plan! I already have a touch screen phone now but it is just about beaten to hell and I need a new one but in order for me to get a half decent phone I have to be charged additional each year! This is such a scam! Now I must downgrade phones in order to be free of these stupid additional charges.

  20. I have the same problem. I have 3 lines and one of them desperately needs a new phone but I refuse to upgrade because that will add another $30 to my bill. My contract is up and I’m holding out hoping they’ll realize how stupid they are and get rid of required data plan. I can’t switch to another carrier because I live in the middle of nowhere and Verizon is the only phone that works here. If something happens to any of our phones where we HAVE to get a new one, I’m leaving Verizon and going to get Straight Talk phones.

  21. i upgraded my phone today and was forced into getting a 9.99 data plan for the chocolate touch. i will not use this data plan. if i wanted to get online with my phone why would i do so with this particular phone i would get a iphone or blackberry. for Verizon to charge this for people who do not use it is insane and it is not fair! i will defiantly switch from Verizon to another service provider as soon as my contract is up.

  22. Our verizon contract expires April 2nd, we were looking to renew – but as i went to their website I was baffled about why the data plan is so expensive, and the other line we’d have would be an env3 and i saw that it NEEDS an extra $10/mo, even if we dont use the features.

    Most likely won’t get renewed, but i will call and talk to them about it, most likely switching to another network, perhaps sprint or att

  23. It says in your contract:

    Our Rights to Make Changes


    I haven’t done this but a ton of people have said it works.

  24. I too am very unhappy with this new FORCED data plan. I have had 2 lines with vzw since i was 16(MY first phone)over 10 years now and after this I WILL be leaving as soon as my contract is up. I have the voyager now which is multimedia touchscreen and qwerty keyboard. My question is if I have a text package with my plan, and i have internet blocked, why should i pay for data if i pay for a text plan, im not using a 3g multimedia phone on a basic calling plan with no text package or whatever. I this this is a bold move and will force may loyal customers who swear by VZW to leave and switch to either prepaid or maybe sprint, which in my opinion does not compare to vzw but for unlimited everything for $69.99 a line including blackberry and smartphones, would be worth the headaches to pay less!!!! I am sorry to say goodbye to vzw soon, but in the end it was them who changed their plans and requirements, not us the consumers!!!!!!

  25. Yeah, Im looking to switch now actually, but those on a family plan are screwed cause, if the name of the game is saving money, you need to wait for that last contract to be up otherwise you’re only cutting 9.99 a month (Add a line monthly fee) until the entire thing can be closed.

    also, just because you;re eligible to upgrade doesn’t mean the contract is up, new every 2 credit becomes available 4 months before contract end date.

    They were quite smart and dumb on this one, the line of least resistance, unless the family plan started and ends about the same time, is to just take an inferior phone, or be beat for 9.99 a month each line.

    Been with them 6 years, and 2 of those have been with 3 lines.

  26. To all of you that are going to leave VZW and go some place else. I would like to tel you that ATT and others are now going to require a data plan. More and more providers are doing what VZW has done.

    AT&T is requiring messaging plans with feature phones…
    ■Phones that require a messaging plan at time of purchase include: Pantech Reveal, Pantech Impact, Motorola Karma, Samsung Flight, Samsung Impression, Samsung Magnet, Samsung Solstice, Samsung Mythic, Samsung Propel, LG Xenon, LG Neon, and the LG Vu.
    ■It looks like the minimum monthly cost when buying a “Quick Messaging” phone is around $20. That’s a $5 200 SMS/MMS plan and a $15/month unlimited data plan. It doesn’t look like you can walk out of the door without paying less than $20/mo in features in addition to your voice plan.
    ■There are slightly different requirements if you have a family plan, so check those out in detail with your AT&T liaison.
    ■If you have an existing “Quick Messaging” device, you don’t have to do a thing. But, if you want to ever upgrade to a new device, you’d then be hit with the messaging feature requirement.
    Not exactly the best news for those looking to keep their wireless bill pretty low (and straight forward).

  27. I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and I can not begin to express my disappointment in their 3g “unlimited” plan. When I started using 3g I was naive and had no idea exactly how much info one could view with 5gb. The “friendly” verizon salesperson told me that the only way to use more than the alotted 5 gigs would be to game 8 hours a day 5 days a week. This was a bold-faced lie. You can not watch any video whatsoever. Maybe others had the advantage of not being lied too, but it cost me around 500 dollars in overage charges and several hours of extremely poor and unhelpful customer service to leave my 3g plan. Verizon may have the best overall coverage but they have the worst customer service of any public utility I have had the misfortune of dealing with. Without getting too windy (I am extremely frustated), let me just say I will be leaving verizon as soon as my contract is up and sooner if another company will pay the termination fees.

    • 5 gigs is not determined by time but by information. Thats why you have to monitor it and actually Verizon makes that very simple to do. Unfortunately, I’m sure a lot of people don’t bother with it. You can watch some video clips under the 5 gig plan but not television shows or movies. The 5 gig plan comes from the FCC, not any wireless carrier. So beware, even if a provider advertises unlimited, it isn’t. Still has a 5 gig cap, they’ll just shut you off after you go over.

      AT&T is moving in the same direction. So watch out. You could move on over and then them change it on you because they haven’t released a launch date. AT&T also has inferior service. I would stick with VZW but not renew. So many complaints are surfacing, I think that somehow something will have to change.

  28. We have been with Verizon (Airtouch before bought out) since 1992 Yes, 18 years with 5 lines. Yesterday we received our new phones from contract update. One of which was the LG Chocolate Touch it’s a nice phone but I don’t think it is worth the additional $240 we will end up paying for 2 years at $9.99. Plus texting is an additional charge. The Accolade is the “free” choice, not impressed at all, but it doesn’t have to have a data package. Don’t plan on using data, think Chocolate will be going back. Verizon is screwing people over with this one.

  29. Well…this just plain stinks! I too will be leaving Verizon after almost 6 years of loyalty and taking my 5 lines with me! Forced to purchase data packages just because a phone is capable? Get real! At&t here we come!

  30. My phone (Motorola Razr) is over the 2 years required contract and I want to avail of the equipment upgrade that Verizon offered w/c is limited to Droid by Motorola, Droid Eris by HTC, LG Chocolate Touch and Samsung Intensity. I was eyeing between the D.Eris and LG C. Touch but was really dismayed that there is a required data plan for $29.99 & $9.99, respectively on the phones. I only need a phone to call and text with the basic calendar / alarm thing. We have 2 computers at home and I am working an 8:00-5:00 pm job and I could just check my mail quickly at my work computer “if only there is a need to do so” – so I do not like to pay the data plan they require. At this time where finances are tight, even a $9.99 for a 25MG (what is that!?!?!) is a pain.

  31. I used to recommend Verizon to my friends until I discovered that they think I’m an idiot! I renewed my contract on Jan 18 and upgraded to an LG Chocolate and no one told me about the “required” data plan, which wasn’t required the day before. I’ll be returning it on Monday and switching to another carrier – one who doesn’t try to rip off it’s customer with ridiculously arbitrary “requirements”.

  32. I too will be leaving VZW and I am not a knee-jerk reactionary kind of person. I use my phone for voice and text, and prefer to do my texting via a nice QWERTY. But not for $10 per month like they want on the Env3 or Samsung Alias2. Too bad, too. Been with them over 8 years and think they have the best coverage. But since I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, travel lightly, and have more loyalty to my wallet than anything else, they can jump in a lake while I sign on with AT&T or T-Mob.

  33. Listen I work at Radioshack any unhappy Verizon customers look towards Sprint ala Radioshack. They share towers and their is no roaming cost. For unlimited mobile to mobile any network on any carrier, text and data unlimited is 70 bucks a month for a single line, 129.99 for 2 lines with 20 dollars for each extra line same coverage cheaper prices. Radioshack also does not deal with rebate cards everything is instant. Just throwing out info for you also ask about a corporate discount youll be surprised of the discounts.

    • They may “share” towers, but I have a cabin in the mountains of TN and when I had Sprint I couldn’t get service AT ALL without driving into town holding the phone toward a major city and looking like an idiot in the grocery store parking lot along with the other Sprint customers. I switched to Verizon and now I can sit inside my cabin and talk on the phone. I signed up with VZ last summer B4 the mandatory plan, and I wish I had internet availablity while I’m at my cabin. BUT I don’t use the data part of my phone when I am at home, and I don’t have a wireless laptop. SO I still have to go to the library to check email. I WILL NOT buy into being ripped off by VZ just so I can have internet svc on demand when I’m there but have to pay all year. NOT RIGHT. Fleecing of America.

  34. I tried to add a new line to my account and was told about this required dataplan. They even insisted that I had to add the $9.99 dataplan to my EXISTING phone if I wanted to add a line. That is BS in my opinion. I’ve been with Verizon for 9 years and I’m moving to another carrier if they don’t rescind this policy. I ended up activating an older, unused phone so I wouldn’t extend my contract. Once it runs out, I’m jumping ship becaue I refuse to pay $10 for a dataplan that I don’t want and don’t need.

  35. I got a free phone from verizon when i started my plan. They don’t sell it anymore, and it’s clear why!! The port to charge the phone broke, and I went through three replacement phones trying to fix this. My last replacement worked until today, and my brother-in-law went to update his phone because he would get a touch screen for free. He is going to send me his env3. When I told verizon about this they told me that if i activate his phone I automatically get charged the fee for data. They also said that even though i’ve only had my last replacement for about a month, there was nothing they could do for me. So my only reasonable option is…well there isn’t one. Verizon won’t replace my phone, won’t give me the cheapest phone they make…yes i asked, and I can’t use the only free phone i could get because of the extra fee! if there is any way to waive this and block the feature somehow let me know

  36. I have Straight Talk on the Verizon network. Bought it at Walmart and it’s an amazing deal. The Samsung Finesse is a very cool smartphone and paying only $45 a month for unlimited everything is the best deal going!

    Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!

  37. I have read what everyone is saying and I am in a similar situation. I just made it month to month and of course I need to upgrade. I went to a couple stores and have been browsing online for a new phone. I really like the Env3 and just like everyone else; that darn data plan is required. I actually called Verizon and said I really liked the phone, but did not want the data package. I do believe they are hearing a lot of this. She told me to go to a Verizon store and talk to them. She said she would note my account to try and get the data package off when I start to purchase the phone. She also said that a few people have called in and done this. (Is that true? hmmmmm???) I told her I didn’t want to switch, but it was looking more desirable after seeing there are awful phones for Verizon just to upgrade or renew my contract without a data plan. For what I pay a month, I should have many options to pick from. What the heck is going on with this data plan nonsense? I just want a nice phone that I can text on.

  38. This really is a bone headed move. Not only are more than half the “feature” phones uncabable of viewing half the pages on the net, but 25MB is way to small, and will run out after only a few page views (even faster if you download something). So basically it’s useless if you use data and useless if you don’t. And they charge you the same price for unlmited as for a smartphone??? These are NOT smartphones, web browsing is meh at best!

    AT&T needs to take advantage of this and flaunt how they don’t force data plans on non-smartphones and the offerings they do have are cheaper. Before this I said I’d never switch, but there is no way I’m paying for data I won’t or can’t use.

  39. I went to upgrade 2 of my phones to the env touch, and found out of this $9.99 plan. Both my phones are out of contract. I told them I do not email from my phone, why do I want to pay $9.99?? They said it is required. So today I switched to AT&T after being with verizon for 9 years. I’ve told most of my friends/family about it, and everyone said they plan to switch too. Verizon greed really screwed up.

  40. I will switch carriers after my contract with Verizon is up. I went in to buy an EnV3 in early Jan, but was advised to come back with my mother (who was travelling out of state) to get the free extra phone. When we went back to buy our phones, and after over an hour with the sales person, we were only told of a “new” fee when I pulled out my cc to pay. We walked out of the store.

    I think it is terrible to charge a data plan just because the phone is capable. I do not want to do anything over the web on a 2 inch screen and ringtones are not all that important. Why force it? Why not just make it a feature and be done. I am angry at the being “tricked” feeling and will NOT do business with a company that operates this way.

  41. So I am about to upgrade the 2 line family phones and I looked at like for like and taking into account the activation fee and phone cost as opposed to the new every two making the phone cost for one of the lines free and the other reduced the two year diff is $4 between Verizon and T-mobile. At&T is out, bad coverage and Sprint – well what can you say there.

  42. There is a very good alternative that I found called Straight Talk, now don’t bulk b/c it’s prepaid, they have some very nice phones including the Samsung finesse touchscreen and the Samsung R451 with full slideout qwerty keyboard for those texters. I am saving so much money after I switched, they have two monthly options, the first is $30 for 1000 minutes, 1000 texts/MMS and 30MB of data plus unlimited 411 calls, and the second is $45 for unlimited minutes, texts/MMS and unlimited data. The nice thing is that it runs on Verizon’s network nationwide so you can still have that great coverage.

  43. I too agree! Vz is going to lose my 3 lines of service. For those who use data plans let them pay for them, for those of us who don’t use data plans, let us choose the phone with the upgraded features and not be forced to pay for something we don’t use, we already have to pay for most of the phones!

    When I talked to the customer service supervisor he told me all the other companies are going that way too…… well I checked and they aren’t so the only one going is me and a lot of you too!

    Happy shopping!

  44. I went into VZ last night to upgrade 4 out of my 5 family plan phones. I was going to get the ENV3 for my wife, my parents, and myself. I was told of the $9.99 requirement for data and immediately stated it didn’t make any sense b/c I am the only one who uses data. After some discussion the sales person said he agreed that it is completely a bonehead move and most VZ people are scratching their heads on why VZ corporate decided this.

    So instead of me upgrading to the ENV3 on 4 out of 5 phones and continuing to pay my roughly $170 monthly bill as is with VZ…I will be switching to AT&T (since my 2-contract is up for all 5 of my phones). Thank you VZ for making the switch a no-brainer. No-brainer…just like the Executive at VZ who pushed for this requirement.

  45. I tried to upgrade my 12 year old daughters phone yesterday. She is out of contract and wanted an EnV3 for texting. When I was told about the required data plan of 9.99, I told the rep that I don’t want my daughter to have access to the internet on her phone, she just needs a good quality texting phone. I was told they could put a data block on her line, but I would still need to pay the 9.99 over the next 2 years!!!! I walked out and told them I will take my 3 lines to Sprint ot At&t! Screw you Verizon! This is just plain wrong!

  46. I had the same experience yesterday, and I can not wait for my contract to expire so I can switch providers. There’s no more incentive for me to sign a new two year contract.

  47. I also went there last night and learned of the forced data plan but was going to upgrade mine and my wife’s phone to better, more feature rich phones that have a keyboard. We cannot afford/would not use this data feature.

    They showed us the ONE basic phone they had with a keyboard. If they are going to do this then they need to get more phones that have a keyboard for people that text but do not use the web or want to use the web on their phone.

  48. I went into Verizon last night and they kept trying to get me to get my update on my phone which would also force a data plan. I do not need or use a data plan so I am going to switch from Verizon after my contract expires in a few months.

  49. Let me compare these prices for what we paid here in my country belgium.we paid 30€ for 2GB and if you have more than 2GB You pay 10 eurocents pro i think you americans pay way to much for mobile internet

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