Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 Released

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 on Nokia N95-3

Opera Software has released a new Beta of Opera Mobile,  their native code direct browser for  Symbian 3rd and 5th edition and Windows Mobile 5 and 6+ phones.  It includes a couple of highly anticipated features; Windows Mobile only support for plugins such as Flash Lite and support for non-touchscreen Windows Mobile phones. The Beta also features numerous bug fixes and stability and functionality enhancements.

I installed the new Beta on my N95-3 and can confirm that it fixes two of the most annoying bugs in the previous release. Data entry in multi-line text areas now works properly without duplicating your typing and entering text-selection mode no longer jumps to the top of the page.

However, there seems to be a problem with Opera Link in this release, at least for me. When I try to enable Opera Link I get a “Link processing failed error” and nothing is synchronized.  Possibly this is related to the issue mentioned in the release notes copied below as “Opera Link: Bookmarks saved in Beta 2 are lost when upgrading to Beta 3“.  I’m headed out to MacWorld now so I’ll have to put off looking for a workaround until later. If and when I find a fix for this I’ll be sure to post it here.

Copied below are the Release Notes from the Opera Mobile Blog:.

New improvements include:

Windows Mobile Keypad Support:
Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 now supports keypad devices running Windows Mobile 6 standard, and Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone devices.

Experimental Flashlite 3.1 (Windows Mobile):
This beta also brings experimental Flash support to Windows Mobile (touch devices only). However, Flash performance and usability depends greatly on how powerful your device is. On the 1Ghz HTC Touch HD2 the overall experience is quite good. On anything slower it varies from mediocre to poor.

For this reason we have disabled flash by default in the Opera Mobile settings. To enable flash goto Tools -> Settings -> Advanced and set plug-ins to “On”.

Note that Opera Mobile has Click-to-play functionality for plug-ins. So even when plug-ins are enabled you activate individual Flash content by clicking on it. This to minimize the use of bandwith and CPU on content you may not be interested in.

We also wanted to take the chance to thank the Opera Mobile community for all of the great feedback and bug reporting on the Beta 1 & Beta 2 releases. The feedback has been truly helpful and has made a direct impact for us reaching Beta 3 status. We look forward to your feedback on today’s beta.

The main improvements from the previous betas are:

– Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
– Support for non-latin characters in the UI also when phone is set to latin locale (requires international build)
– A lot of input and keyboard related fixes
– Fixed text selection
– Visual indication of input mode also for non-latin input modes
– General bug fixing (stability, UI)

Windows Mobile
– keypad/smartphone support
– Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
– Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
– BIDI support also for language extensions
– phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
– support for background sound
– general bug fixing (stability, UI)

Known issues include:

– Opera Link: Bookmarks saved in Beta 2 are lost when upgrading to Beta 3
– Hotmail does not work, please use the mobile version “www.hotmail.com/m”
– Dragonfly – need to do ‘connect’ two times in a row to get a connection working

– After permanently accepting an untrusted certificate, you get an error when trying to load the https:// page again. Workaround: In the S60 device menu go to the Settings -> General -> Security -> Certificate Management -> Trusted site certificates and delete the certificate for the problematic site

Windows Mobile:
– Flash is only a preview/in alpha state, expect instabilities, performance degradation during use
– Flash is only supported on touch devices
– Need to double-click on Flash content to view it in full-screen, another double-click to return
– right-to-left support is not complete in the UI
– On certain WM5 Smartphone/WM6 Standard devices, the dictionary is not disabled in the password field
– Unable to type special characters on Moto Q9
– Certain HTC devices with TouchFLO will force Opera back to portrait mode if visiting home screen when Opera is in landscape
– Some input method editors are known not to work well with Opera because they do not comply with Microsoft’s SIP and/or IME standard. When such an editor is detected by Opera, Opera will use a known (default) input method instead. An exception is EzInput v1.5, where the phone keypad and compact QWERTY, ABC mode doesn’t work, but the rest of the modes work fine. We recommend upgrading to EzInput v2.0 to avoid this.

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  1. I love it. Just installed it on my sony ericsson w910i today and i love it. The interface is beautiful, its super easy to use. I havent used any earlyer versions so im not sure if this has come up yet but i use a social networking site called mobamingle. And i cant make posts. I dont know why, i type my text, then click post and it loads for a moment then i get the screen at which i write my post (but my text is no longer present). Bit of a let down. Ill use the deafult browser for my social networking, and opera for browsing. Keep up the great work. I cant wait to get my hands on the full version! XD

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