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FBIMostWanted.mobi ScreenshotI got an email from Mark at Idea Earth suggesting I take a look at the mobile sites they have developed. Idea Earth’s got a boatload of sites, but one jumped out at me as especially interesting and unusual was FbiMostWanted.mobi. It’s just what the name suggests, a mobile version of the famous Federal Bureau  of Investigation’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List.  The list has been around for almost 60 years and every American has no doubt seen the hard copy version of prominently displayed in Post Offices around the country.  These days is online as well but the FBI hasn’t had the foresight to create a mobile friendly version creating an opportunity which Idea Earth has taken the initiative to fill.

The FBI has supplemented the original 10 Most Wanted list with additional lists of the Most Wanted Terrorists, Most Wanted Sexual Predators, Most Wanted Murders, Most Wanted Robbers and Most Wanted Drug Conspirators and FbiMostWanted.mobi has all the lists too.  The site also has links to the FBI’s online form for reporting a fugitive and to a list of FBI offices.  These links are not mobile friendly. It would be nice if Idea Earth linked to non-mobile sites through a transcoder like Mowser, Skweezer or Google’s GWT.  There’s also a click to call link to 911, just be careful you don’t accidenly click it!  Just a remainder,  but if you ever do accidently call 911, stay on the line until the emergency operator answers and explain that you dialed 911 accidentally, otherwise you could wind up surrounded by emergency vehicles and possibly a fine for a false report.

FBIMostWanted.mobi was created with the free mobile site builder MobileSiteGalore which goes to show you that you don’t need a big budget or impressive technical skills to create a compelling and useful mobile site.

Mobile Link: FbiMostWanted.mobi

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2 thoughts on “FBI Most Wanted .mobi!

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  2. Thanks for the review Dennis. Funny, but we were hard at work on version 2.0 when this review hit. You’ll see that great minds think alike as we were incorporating many of the features you wrote about.

    We’re very pleased to announce version 2.0 is now live.

    The new version is a completely reworked site including the overall look and logo.

    Now, when you navigate from the main category pages and you follow the “more info” links, you’ll go to individual pages on that particular suspect that offer more details, descriptions and photos than version 1.0. Also included are click to call phone numbers to local FBI offices associated with a particular suspect (and email when available).

    Gone are the non-mobile links. Version 2.0 also loads faster on any browser. One of our favorite additions is a “Missing Kids” section. Too bad the Amber Alert system does not currently have an RSS feed we could incorporate. We will continue to update and add onto this site in the coming months.

    We hope visitors utilize this site whenever a questionable situation arises, whether it be a “hunch”, “intuition” or deja-vu (I saw that guy somewhere…). It’s everyday people that will turn in the majority of these suspects and we hope that this site helps to accomplish this goal.

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