Speckyboy’s Showcase of 20 Popular Mobile-Friendly Design Blogs

Speckyboy Mobile

Paul Andrew’s Speckyboy Design Magazine is one of my favorite web and graphic design blogs. Content includes design showcases and loads of articles listing and reviewing Paul’s favorite free and high quality design resources.

Paul recently created a mobile view for Speckyboy using Mobify.me‘s WYSIWYG online mobile design tool and hosting service. Yesterday he posted a Showcase of 20 Mobile-Friendly Popular Design Blogs which includes screenshots of each listed site, all of which were built using Mobify.

Almost all the top web design and development sites made the list including Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint, CSS Tricks, Six Revisions, Abduzeedo, A List Apart and Web Designer Depot. It’s really great to see the web design community so wholeheartedly embracing mobile. And the fact that so many top design sites choose Mobify is an amazing endorsement of its quality, flexibility and usability.

Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXXX_

Ready.mobi Score: 2 “Bad”

Mobile Link: speckyboy.mobify.me

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