Found On The Mobile Web #211


Found on the Mobile Web is a weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and WapReview mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 2215 mobile sites.

Mail-IM-Talk-PIM/Productivity and PIM

Checklist an HTML5 checklist webapp which works offline using the local storage API. Works with Mobile Safari, Android 2.1, N900 MicroB and Mobile Firefox and Palm WebOS.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

Reference – Tools

EveryTimeZone Android, iPhone, iPad and WebOS webapp displays the current time in every timezone in the world on a single large page. Works offline using the HTML5 Offline Storage API.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


Leisure/Mobile Video-Audio/Audio Huge categorized and searchable podcast directory with links to over 10,000 feeds. Each feed offers multiple podcast episodes as .mp3 downloads. Mobile view by Mobify
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


eboogie An easy to use categorized directory of mobile friendly websites. Most links work with all phones. Special sections for iPhone webapps and Blackberry and Palm/PDA specific sites.
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

Leisure/Mobile Video-Audio/Video


Today PDA A mobile web portal whose main attraction is a directory of over 1,000 mobile video and audio streams in Windows Media format. Today PDA also features news, stocks, weather, a few wap games, chat room and a mobile site directory. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
Content: **** Usability: XXXX

MolyMobile Searchable directory of mobile formatted tv and radio streams plus a language translator and a webapp that lets you create password protected temporary notes which self destruct after 24 hours. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory
Content: *** Usability: XXX

Ragtube A collection of streaming rock video channels featuring various genres like Metal, Progressive, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Videos are in Windows Media format. Usability is hampered by the site’s use of an almost unreadable combination of gray text on a black background.
Content: **** Usability: XXX

Ragtube Indie Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal and R&B music videos. RagTube features over 3500 indie artists. Billed as an iPhone site, I had no trouble using it on an Android HTC Magic and with Opera Mobile 10 on Symbian. The high quality 480×320 mpeg4 average 10 MB in size. Source:
Content: **** Usability: XXXX


Tech/Tech News

AppScout Part of Ziff Davis’ Network, AppScout is a news blog offering breaking news, tips, and reviews of desktop and mobile software and webapps.

The mobile edition, created by mDog, includes the full content and photos from all recent AppSout posts including read-only comments. There’s a bug in the site’s browser detection code which throws a 403 “Not Found” error with some mobile browsers when visiting or Use as a work around.
Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXX__



ThatsRacin is an upstart motorsports site from McClatchy, the third largest US newspaper chain. The slick desktop site features extensive coverage with loads of photos from the NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA and Formula One series.

Their are two mobile editions of ThatsRacin. is a legacy WAP version which works on all devices. However it’s limited to one line synopses of each story with no way to view the full article. The “Touch Web” version at is much better with the full text and photos from recent stories in a slick iPhonesque package. JavaScript is required. The version works well with the iPhone, Android, WebOS and Opera Mini and Mobile. Source: Taptu State of The Mobile Touch Web Report (PDF)
Ratings: Content ****_ Usability XXXX_