Winter Olympics

  Image 3  Matt Croydon at PostNeo 2.0 has found NBC’s Winter Olympics mobile site. Thanks Matt.

My take is that NBC’s site is quite attractive with photos for each story. Phones seem to get 128 px wide images while PDA’s get 320 px ones. The site supports both WAP1 and WAP2 on separate URLs. Content (including .jpeg photos is the same on both WAP flavors). There are about six stories covering today’s events, athlete interviews and prognostication on the likely outcome of upcoming events. The stories are quite in depth for a mobile site – I hate sites that trim 1000 word wire services stories down to a few lines for their mobile site – like the New York Times and MSN do. Not surprisingly, coverage emphasizes US athletes.

In addition to the news stories, there is also NBC’s television coverage schedule and the cumulative medal count by nation.

I’m planning to add all the English language Winter Olympics sites I can find to the YesWap portal. If you know of any, send me a comment with the link.

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