Supermarket Stalwart Woman’s Day is now Mobile

Womans Day MobileUS shoppers are familiar with Woman’s Day magazine which is found on a rack at the checkout counter of virtually every grocery store, a marketing technique that Woman’s Day pioneered. The 72 year old magazine, which covers topics of interest to homemakers of both sexes such as food, entertaining, health, childcare and home decorating, has a new mobile edition.  Browser detection on the main URL should deliver the mobile optimized version to phone browsers or you can go directly to the mobile site at

Content consists of the full text of around 60 short articles from the magazine and full web site. Most articles are illustrated with a single image. The best feature of the site is perhaps the searchable database of hundreds of recipes. Recipes include nutritional information and  readers can save their favorites in an online “Recipie Box“.

Surprisingly for a new site, Woman’s Day mobile supports WML markup in addition to the more modern XHTML-MP.  There are still a lot of WML-only handsets in use, particularly on Nextel and in Canada.  It’s nice to see mobile designers making the extra effort to make the site available on legacy phones.

Mobile Link:

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