Skyfire Beta Code – Good Until Aug 30th

SkyFire LogoSkyfire, the much hyped, proxy based, full-web mobile browser for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 3rd edition devices is still in closed beta. That means that it is only available to a limited number of users and there is a waiting list.  However according to MobileCrunch, SkyFire has opened the floodgates to all –  but only for the next eight days.

You have until August 30th the signup at and you need to enter Michael8 in the Beta Code field.  The code is of course a reference to Michael Phelps’ eight Olympic medals.  Skyfire supports Flash and Silverlight so you can actually watch the live Olympics videos on with it.

I wonder if Skyfire really means open to “all” or only to US residents.  Up to now the Skyfire Beta has required a US mobile number to complete the registration process.  Anyone tried this from outside the US?

4 thoughts on “Skyfire Beta Code – Good Until Aug 30th

  1. @L.Deane

    I wonder if this was just a fluke or if your technique will work for anyone. Give it a try folks, and let us know.

    I don’t have an N73 but with non QWERTY S60’s you can copy and paste to/from almost any field where you can ENTER text. Not from a Web page, unfortunately. Hold the pencil key while moving the D-pad to highlight the text you want to copy. “Copy” will appear on one of the softkeys – press it. Now go to the place you want to paste which can be in a different application, press the pencil key and one of the softkeys will acquire a “paste” label, press it and you are done.

  2. Well folks i’m in the uk and i’m writing this via skyfire! I went to their home page with a uk mobile number (along with email), putting 0044 and ignoring the +01 prefix, which there server converted to a us number. Well someone must have been given a nice text message of a present offering them skyfire but i got an email with an offer to download ‘via pc’ which i did, eventually, using ucweb 6 java -neither the symbian nor both operas etc seemed to recognise the link. Anyway, if anyone reads this hope you profit. By the way, can one copy and paste, outside the afore mentioned browsers, with the N73? I got mine second hand and don’t have the ‘guide book’!

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