Highlights Of Mobilize 2011

Here are my top take-aways from GigaOm‘s two day Mobilize conference which wrapped up yesterday. Mobile payments are coming, but when and how? The mobile payments panel was interesting but I think it showed just how chaotic the payments space is right now. It had representatives from PayPal, Visa, Intuit and VeriFone all arguing for their own largely incompatible solutions. 2015 was mentioned by several panelists as the “year of mobile payments”, when most phones would have payment capabilities and most merchants who be ready to accept mobile payments.  To ensure … Continue reading

GeoFanPage – Facebook Driven Local Search

Coded in 24 hours at the Muther of all Hackathons in Silicon Valley this mobile web app finds nearby businesses by searching Facebook Fan Pages.  It won its co-creators a pair MacBook Airs as the best mashup using fitml.com‘s cross-platform mobile web platform. Clicking a search result displays the businesses address, click to call phone number and a mobile formatted view of their Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline The cross platform app works only in browsers with geolocation support, there’s no … Continue reading

Updated: Opera Mini Users No Longer Blocked From Full Version of Facebook

Update: It looks like this issue has been fixed. Users of Opera Mini and other mobile browsers can now visit the full version of Facebook.  That’s not to say that every feature of  Facebook’s deskop site will work perfectly in every mobile browser, but at least mobile users will be able to try.  The direct url to the full site is www.facebook.com/?m2w or you  can start with facebook.com, which will redirect you to the mobile version.  Scroll to the bottom … Continue reading

Does Your FaceBook Fan Page Work In Mobile Browsers?

Do you use a  FaceBook Fan Page to promote your company, website or band? Have you tried visiting it with a mobile phone? There’s a bug in Facebook’s mobile browser detection and redirection logic that causes many Fan Pages to return a 404 “Not Found” error when visited with most mobile browsers. This bug doesn’t affect the iPhone, Android and WebOS browsers which are not redirected and get the desktop version of the fan page,  but S60 Webkit, Opera Mini, … Continue reading

Delivr’s Impressive New Analytics Features

Delivr.com, a mobile aware URL sharing and shortening service and micro-blogging platform, has just released a major upgrade. Registered Deliver users can now see comprehensive and visually exciting analytics showing how, where and when their Delivr shares have been viewed. To see it in action: Visit Delivr.com, log in and click “Dashboard” link Click the graph icon to the right of a share that’s received some views to see  the percentage of  mobile vs desktop views and the number of  … Continue reading

Mobypicture – Post Mobile Photos to All Your Networks

Mobypicture (i.mobypicture.com) is a new service that lets you upload pictures from your phone to multiple social networks and blogging platforms including Twitter, Jaiku, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Brightkite, Facebook, Hyves or Vimeo. Uploading is by MMS, email or a “browse for file” web form on the Mobypicture mobile site. When you upload a picture it’s automatically posted to your accounts on all the networks and services you’ve configured in Mobypicture. Mobypicture  works well and seems popular, I’m seeing a … Continue reading

Easy Status updates With Ping.fm Mobile

Thanks to Mark Guim at The Nokia Blog, I’ve discovered a neat new mobile tool. It’s Ping.fm’ s mobile site and Mark used to announce his engagement! Congratulations Mark. If you don’t know Ping.fm, it’s a service that lets you simultaneously update multiple social networks. So instead of posting  a Tweet to Twitter and then going to Facebook and any and all the other social networks that you use and updating your status on each one – you just update … Continue reading