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The “wisdom of the crowd” concept where the averaged opinions of thousands of people is used to evaluate the worth of a product or idea is a certainly big part of today’s web, think of Amazon Reviews, or Digg. As much as it’s a part of the current web 2.0 buzz it’s not a new idea. Zagat Survey has been applying the “wisdom of the crowd” since 1979. Its first product was a New York City restaurant guidebook based … Continue reading

Thalys International, which provides high speed rail service between Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris, now has a mobile site, The mobile edition offers schedule and fare lookups and contact numbers. The two main functions, Schedules and Fares are very similar and use a “wizard” interface. On the first screen you choose your start point from a drop down and click Next. A second screen prompts for destination station and for travel date and time which both default to current. … Continue reading – International Flight Tracking has a new mobile flight tracking service that covers international as well as domestic flights. According to their website FlightStats aggregates information from airlines, airports and government agencies around the world to provide the most complete possible flight status information. FlightStats seems to deliver what they claim, giving me estimated flight arrival information for en route flights in the US and Europe including domestic Russian flights. Data seems scarcer for some parts of the world. For flights within China … Continue reading