Mobile Bookmarklets Page Updated


I’ve done a long overdue cleanup of my Mobile Bookmarklets page at, which has over 40 mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. I retested all the bookmarklets and found six that weren’t working. I was able to fix all of them but two. I removed the non-working bookmarklets which were for services (Google Buzz and which no longer exist. Here are the updated bookmarklets. If you use any of these delete them from you bookmarks and reinstall from Page Rank – Displays the … Continue reading

An Bookmarklet for Mobile Browsers

As I posted a while ago I’m a big fan of, an open source micro-blogging site.  It’s a little like Twitter but non-commercial, ad-free and free (as in free beer AND free speech). Recently launched a major redesign of their desktop and mobile web apps.  There was quite a bit of downtime during and immediately after the update but stability seems to have returned to normal.  But some things still aren’t working. For one, in Opera Mini, the login … Continue reading

Over 40 Bookmarklets for Mobile Browsers

I’ve updated the Mobile Bookmarklets page at It has over 40 tested mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. I’ve gone through the page and fixed bookmarks that were no longer working where possible and deleted the broken ones that I couldn’t fix. I also added a couple of new bookmarkets. New bookmarklets added: Add to Pinboard – adds the current page to the social bookmarking site Add to Diigo – adds the current page to the social … Continue reading

Pinboard – A Fast, Mobile-Friendly Replacement

The news leaked a couple of days ago that Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz feels that the hugely popular social bookmarking site is “not a strategic fit at Yahoo ” and wants to get rid of it.   It looks like Yahoo was originally going to kill Delicious outright but after a shit storm broke out on Twitter and elsewhere it looks like they are now trying to find a buyer for it. Actually, I think Yahoo, which gets most … Continue reading

Mobile Bookmarklets, Now Easier Than Ever

Bookmarkets are snippets of JavaScript in a browser bookmark that automate sharing links on Twitter or Delicious, subscribing to feeds in Google Reader or Bloglines, translating web pages to another language, fixing illegible page colors and much more. I use them all the time and find they really enhance my productivity. A couple of years ago I created, a special page of bookmarklets for Opera Mini users. Mini lacks drag and drop or any other way to directly save … Continue reading

Bookmarklets on Android?

Regular readers know I’m a big fan of bookmarklets.  I use dozens of them in my desktop and mobile browsers to do things like post links to Delicious and Twitter, subscribe to feeds in Bloglines, expand text-areas and fix unreadable color combinations on websites. I’ve written about using bookmarklets in mobile browsers here on WapReview and I maintain a small archive of Opera Mini compatible bookmarklets at So naturally when Google generously gave me an HTC Evo Android phone at … Continue reading

Mobile Bookmarklet Page Update and Cleanup

Most of the better mobile browsers support JavaScript bookmarklets, including Opera Mini 4.2 and 5, Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer, Opera Mobile, the iPhone, MicroB, Firefox Mobile and the latest version of Nokia Webkit on the N86 and Symbian 5th edition devices. I maintain a page at containing dozens of tested mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them. Today I added a couple of new bookmarklets  to the page: Zap Cookies – Delete all cookies associated with the current … Continue reading

Mobile Bookmarklets for Webmasters

WapReview reader and fellow blogger Selurus recently discovered that the Page Rank Checker bookmarklet on my Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at wasn’t working anymore. He suggested replacing it with a bookmarket he had made for, a new service  that shows not only a site’s Page Rank but also its Alexa Rank, Complete Rank, number of Yahoo  and Live Search Backlinks,  and Bloglines Subscribers. (It also supposed to show Quancast Rank, Google Backlinks, Technorati Links and Delicious Bookmarks, but … Continue reading